With recent developments in the Canadian oilpatch, please keep the geophysical community informed of any changes. Here are some current changes in the industry:

Beric Evans has moved from Burlington Resources Canada Ltd., to Meota Resources Corp. as Chief Geophysicist and can be reached at 781-2408.

OutSource Seismic Consultants Inc. is pleased to announce that John Mercier has joined our company as a project supervisor. John brings with him 30 years of experience in geophysical operations, specializing in field and project management. John may be reached by email at jmercier@osseismic.com or by phone at (403) 777-4141.

Peter Maas has recently moved from a Talisman secondment at Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company (Khartoum, Sudan), to Talisman's Jakarta, Indonesia office. He will be the Sr. Geophysicist in New Ventures for a 3-4 year period. Peter's email address has changed to pmaas@talisman-energy.com, while his mailing address remains the Talisman Energy office in Calgary.

Landquest Services Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Bill Goodwin as Project Manager. Mr. Goodwin's experience ranges from land operations in Canada, the US and Middle East, to marine operations in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Adriatic Seas. He has participated in, and managed large and complex 2D & 3D seismic operations in remote locations. He brings extensive knowledge of field operations and provides 3D design and modeling to further service our client base. Bill would like all his friends in the industry to know they can contact him at 234-9449 or email him at bill@landquestservices.com.

Surveyaudit.com welcomes Tom Hall (Capella Exploration Services Ltd.). We look forward to Tom's contribution, of over 23 years of survey experience, to our talented team of professionals. Surveyaudit.com has been processing seismic surveys for over 7 years and is unmatched in breadth and depth of experience. For further information, please contact Tom Hall or Harry Ramsbottom at 264-2777 or survey@surveyaudit.com.

Arcis Corporation welcomes Jeff Bectold as Manager of Surveys. Jeff will be developing unique seismic survey opportunities for our clients while overseeing the daily operations of the Surveys Division. Jeff brings extensive industry experience to our company and can be reached by email at jbectold@arcis.com or by phone at (403) 781-6235.



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