The Excalibur-Gemini Group Ltd. welcomes Alvin Dixon as Senior Project Manager -Corporate Business Records. Alvin's dynamic and proven leadership skills coupled with 25yearsofexperiencein records management, information analysis, and project management proves a valuable asset to both clients and The Excalibur-Gemini Group. He has a client-centered attitude with a professional and organized approach. He is a welcome addition to the Company and the Management Team.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group Ltd. welcomes Susan McCandless, CGA who has been a member of the Certified General Accountants Association of Alberta since 1998. Susan's experience as a Financial Accountant in a number of different industries has provided her with strong business sense, and leadership skills. Susan's planning and budgeting skills will not only prepare The Excalibur-Gemini Group for any future economic developments, and opportunities, but also add to the sound management of the company.

Sandi Mailey would like to update her colleagues and clients that she now operates Ge02 Consulting Services under the name Ge02000 Consulting Services and provides digitizing, synthetic generation, and seismic modeling as well as accessing digits from a large proprietary database. Sandi would like everyone to know she is now downtown in the Canterra Tower and can be reached at (403) 208-5757, (403) 860-9921(cell) or e-mail

Conoco Canada has appointed Doug Uffen as Exploration Manager, Western Canada New Ventures. In his new job Doug will be responsible for identifying new exploration plays and potential fairways in Western Canada for significant reserves additions. Doug can be reached at (403) 260-2464 or email

Conoco Canada has appointed Tooney Fink as Chief Geophysicist. Tooney is responsible for ensuring functional excellence in the geophysical family in Conoco and coordinating geophysical operations, data management and geophysical specialists. He can be reached at (403) 233-4135 or email

Allan Willis would like to inform his friends and colleagues that he is currently working on an assignment in Saudi Arabia as Seismic Data Processing Consultant. Prior to that, Allan has spent more than 2 years in Libya as the Staff Geophysicist (Seismic Operations),overseeing all 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition and processing activities. Allan has extensive knowledge of most Libyan Basins, including En Naga, Sirte, Ghadames and Murzuq. Allan can be reached by email at

Flo Reynolds has recently joined Nexen Inc. in Technical Services. Flo can be reached at (403) 699-5099 and emailed at, Direct Digital Online Inc. is pleased to announce that Pat Shannon has joined them in Marketing and Operations. Pat can be reached at (403) 265-6886 or via email:

Direct Digital is also pleased to welcome Jeff Doyle to their Operations division, Jeff can be reached at (403) 265-6886 or via email: jdoyle@direct-digitaLcom.

William R. Sattlegger informs his friends and colleagues that he has taken on the position of Manager, Exploration /Business Development with Del Roca Energy Ltd. This new role will focus on designing and implementing a balanced portfolio of drilling projects, identifying and negotiating strategic joint ventures and acquisitions, and maximizing Del Roca's asset base. William can be reached at 261-5060 (phone) or 266-1462 (fax).

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