Here are the latest changes in our industry.

Kelman Technologies Inc. (KTI) is pleased to announce that Paul Chernoff has joined the company as a Processing Supervisor. Paul has over 25 years of experience processing 2D and 3D seismic data and will further complement an already strong processing team. Paul's extensive expertise combined with the KTI advanced processing system will ensure that his existing clients and new clients alike get top quality results. Paul can be reached at 403-294-5258 or

The Excalibur-Gemini Group welcomes our new IT Manager Bonnie O'Shea who started in the oil and gas industry with her Geology degree. She brings 11 years of oil and gas IT experience, gained in a wide variety of roles such as client service representative, software support analyst, and most recently as an Information Systems Manager. Bonnie is critical to our team as we have a movement towards online access to your seismic database. We are already seeing significant changes based on her commitment to high standards and orientation to action. You can contact Bonnie at 403-264-8850 or

Due to Founders Energy Ltd. transforming itself into an energy trust called Provident Energy Trust, Randy Masuda is no longer at Founders Energy as Chief Geophysicist. He continues to consult to Founders I Provident on a part time basis. Randy now offers geophysical consulting services to other oil and gas companies. He can be reached at 403-781-5320 or email

That's all tl1e news for this month. If you would like to add to this column, please contact me at Geo-X Systems Ltd. My phone number is 403-298-5633, fax is 403-264-1057, or email



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