Happy New Year!

Paradigm Geophysical is pleased to announce the addition of Time Processing to their list of services. The group is composed of Christine St. Clair as Processing Manager, Doug Gillrie as Sales Manager, and Richard Lowden as Processing Geophysicist. The Time Processing team joins Paradigm Depth services, headed by Tad Iwamoto. With future expansion of the combined services we will bring added value to the industry. Christine St. Clair can be reached at 403-750-3526 or email stclair@paradigrngeo.com, Doug Gillrie can be contacted at 403-750-3543 or email dgillrie@paradigmgeo.com and Richard Lowden's new number is 403-750-3520 or email rlowden@paradigmgeo.com.

David Wardlaw would like his friends, clients and colleagues to know that he has put his consulting practice on hold and has taken a full time job as Chief Geophysicist at Keywest Energy Corporation. His phone number is 403-261-2766 and email is dwardlaw@keywe stenergy.com.

eSeis Inc. is pleased to announce Carmen Swalwell has accepted the position of Sales and Marketing Manager for their Canadian division, eSeis Canada. Carmen can be reached at 403-234-7276, by fax at 403 -263-6187 or email cswalwell@e-seis.com.

Advanced Locating Services Inc. is now located at 6460 -2nd Street S.E. and has opened field offices in Grande Prairie and Hanna, Alberta. They now have a toll-free number (1-866-255-9399) and a website (www.advancedlocating.com) as well.

Maria Teleptean has joined Canadian Forest Oil Ltd. in the capacity of Interpretive Support as a Geophysical Technologist. Mari a can be reached at 403 -292 -8150 or email maria.teleptean@cfol.ab.ca.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group has moved offices. Their new address is 1100 - 144 4 Avenue SW, West Tower, Sunlife Building. Their main number remains 403-264-8850, and fax is 403-264-8868. You can also visit them at: http://www.excalibur-gemini.com.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group is also pleased to welcome Ken Burd, Grant Gould, Dave McGibbon and Trudy Pelletier. Flexibility, organization and the ability to manage a variety of responsibilities are some of the qualities that Ken Burd brings to their team of survey processors. Ken has 17 years of field experience in program layouts, conventional chaining and surveying, and subsequent processing and mapping of data. Ken's new number is 403-264-8850 or you can email ken.b@teggl.com.

Grant Gould has 25 years of field experience in Western Canada, Northwest Territories and the United States. He has acted as a project supervisor, client liaison and senior surveyor. He contributes to quality service with a clear understanding of the client's needs. Grant can be reached at 403-264-8850 or email grant.g@teggl.com.

Dave McGibbon is Geomatics Specialist, both International and Domestic and has more than 20 years experience. His background includes working with geomatics and conventional tools for all types of positioning and mapping, not only in the oil and gas industry but also in mining, engineering, and environmental in over 30 countries. Dave's telephone number is 403-537-9897 and email is dave.m@teggl.com.

In today's fast-paced, ever-changing technological environment our clients need to rely on someone who gets things done quickly with attention to service. Trudy Pelletier joins Excalibur- Gemini's marketing team with 18 plus years of experience in training and sales. We are confident that our clients will be more than satisfied with how Trudy responds to them. You can reach Trudy at 403-537-9904 or email trudy.pelletier@teggl.com.

Robert Cheung would like to inform his friends and colleagues that he has left Richland Petroleum Corporation to start his consulting practice. He can be reached at 403-870-9148 or email sealionex@home.com.

If you would like to add to this column, please contact me at Geo-X Systems. My phone number is 403-298-5633, fax is 403-264-1057, or email cindy@geo-x.com.



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