People either loved him or hated him. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a strong political presence and he brought out strong feelings in people. In Canada's West, Trudeau was despised for his National Energy Program that imposed taxes on the oil and gas industry. Trudeau established a 'Made In Canada' price that was less than the international oil and gas price, causing huge losses for petroleum companies (when the PC's later came to power, they dis mantled this program and went back to competitive free market prices).

Equalization payments were also a part of the program whereby the rich provinces gave to the poor provinces to help in various sectors including education and health care, and this is still in place today. Although Westerners did not want to see their money go east, eastern Canadians saw benefits in this. PIP grants (petroleum incentive program) encouraged petroleum exploration in frontier areas,with the goal of ensuring that Canada had a sufficient supply of oil and gas. The Federal Government paid significant amounts towards exploration expenses in Atlantic Canada, and several major oil and gas discoveries were made offshore Canada's East Coast. Today, we see the development of these discoveries taking place in part due to these grants.

Jim Hostetler would like to inform his friends and colleagues that he has moved from Western Geophysical to Scott Pickford as a Data Processing Supervisor. Jim can be contacted at 294-5118 or by e-mail at

Kelman Technologies is pleased to announce that Ed Roebroek has rejoined the seismic processing division. Ed will resume his responsibilities as Processing Supervisor and can be reached at 294-3680 or email

Kary Data Consultants Ltd. is pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2000 Dennis Belanger has joined their Geophysical Brokerage Team. Dennis can be reached at (403) 262-7021, by fax at 262- 1392 or email

ARCIS Processing is pleased to announce Mr. Jason Noble has joined the division as of October 2, 2000. Mr. Noble has over eight years of experience primarily processing large 3D projects and structural data sets in areas both domestic and international. Jason will hold the position of senior-processing supervisor and will be involved with 2D/3D land projects both structural and stratigraphic. Jason will further compliment ARCIS Processing ongoing commitment to increasing its technical capability and experience with key individuals. Jason can be reached at 781-5858 or email jnoble@arcispro.corn.

ARCIS Processing is also pleased to welcome Wendy Mitchell and Tanya Kairzhanova as seismic data processors.

Tony Black has left Suncor Energy Inc. to join PanCanadian Deep Carbonates Team. He can be contacted at 290-2308 or email

Nicole Butler would like to inform friends and colleagues that she has left Suncor Energy Inc. and is now a Senior Geophysicist at Genesis Exploration. You can reach Nicole at 266-6900 or email

Ross Deutscher would like to inform friends and colleagues that he has left Suncor Energy Inc. and is now a Senior Geophysicist at Talisman Energy. Ross can be reached at 237-4830 or email

Lynn Hagel has left Suncor Energy and is now a technologist at Talisman Energy. Lynn's new number is 237-4821 and email is

john Miller has left Suncor Energy Inc. and is now with Rio Alto Exploration Ltd. as a Senior Geologist. John can be contacted at 264-8780 or by emailing

Scott Reynold has left Suncor Energy and is now a Senior Geophysicist with Startech Energy. Scott can be contacted at 231-7334 and his email is

Trevor Shortt has left Renaissance/ Husky and is now Chief Geophysicist at Energy Exploration Technologies (NXT) and can be reached at 264-7020 or by emailing

That's all the news I have for this month. If you would like to report any changes in ow industry please contact me at Geo-X Systems Ltd. My phone number is (403) 298-5633, fax is (403) 264-1057, or email



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