"This is not so much about the technology, it's about the people" comment by Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of America Online concerning the merger of AOL and Time-Warner.

Here is a little news about some of the people in our industry:

Neil Orr would like to inform all friends and colleagues that he has left Fortune Energy and is now at CNRL. New contact info is 517-7019 and neilo@cnrl.com.

ARCIS Processing is pleased to announce Mr. Jovan Petrovic and Or. Zhengrong Peng have joined the division. Mr. Petrovic has joined as a processing supervisor and will be involved with both land and marine processing. Mr. Petrovic can be reached at 781-5858 or e-mail at jpetrovic@arcispro.com. Dr. Peng has joined our R&D group as a senior software developer, he can be reached at 781-5864 or e-mail atzpeng@arcispro.com.

ARCIS Processing also welcomes Eugene Besoiu and Deric Cameron as seismic data processors.



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