CIBC's Jeffrey Rubin predicts oil prices to drift higher. Global production, through OPEC's agreement, has risen by 1.7 million barrels a day narrowing the gap between demand and supply thus stabilizing crude prices. North American gasoline prices, on the other hand, are hiking higher as the US Department of Energy has warned that gasoline supply will be hard pressed to keep up with demand (fueled, no less, by our desire to drive gas-guzzling SUVs!).

More news in our industry:

Geo-X Systems is pleased to announce that Earl Heather has recently joined their team. He can be reached at, or (403) 298-5621.

Lorrnel Consultants welcomes Brad Culver P. Geoph, formally with Eagle Geophysical, as Lorrnel's new 3D Design Specialist. Lorrnel would also like to announce the appointment of Ralph Hirst from Account Manager to GIS Manager. Ralph has been with the Lorrnel Team 11 years, and has stepped into a new challenge. Brad and Ralph can be reached at (403) 233-0900.

Petro-Canada is delighted to announce that John Logel has recently joined as Geophysical Advisor. John can be reached at (403) 296-5721 or you can email

The management of Veritas GeoServices is pleased to announce that Dr. JJ Wu has joined Veritas as Manager, Marine Processing. JJ brings a considerable academic background (M.Sc. and Ph.D in geophysics) and R&D experience to the Veritas team, a long with his superior record in large marine 3D project management, and client services. Contact JJ at 403-205-6471, by fax at 403-205-6400, or email at

Veritas is also pleased to welcome Jeff Deere to their Geophysical Applications Support team as Senior Geophysicist. Jeff has over thirteen years of land and marine processing experience in Canada and Internationally. Jeff has R&D and large-scale production experience in 3D time and depth imaging. Jeff can be reached at 403-205-6248, by fax at 403-205-6400 or by email at

I would like to inform all my friends and colleagues that I have moved to Geo-X Systems. Any changes you would like to see in this column please email, or call (403) 298-5600.



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