Happy New Year!

The folks at Arcis Geophysical are pleased to announce that Murray Leier, Field Operations Manager, George Crook, Technical Services Manager, and Ray Shields, Mechanical Services Manager have recently joined the company. Murray, George and Ray can be reached by dialing (403) 212-0010.

Arcis Processing also welcomes Lucy Jacek , Senior Geophysical Technician, Richard Lowden, Processor, Dominique Grant, Geophysical Technician, Frank Yu, Processor. They can be contacted at (403) 781-1700.

Hampson-Russell Software welcomes Janusz Peron to their Houston staff as Senior Research Geophysicist. Janusz is helping to develop time-lapse software for Hampson-Russell's Pro4D consortium and he also provides consulting services and client support. You can reach him at (713) 780-8334 or email jperon@hrs-us.com.

Garry Kelman has joined the Board of Directors at Arcis Corporation and will be taking an active role in the company. Garry can be reached at (403) 781-5853 ext. 760, or email him at gkelman@arciscorp.com.

Earth Signal Processing Ltd. is pleased to announce recent additions to their staff. Jim Hodgson, formerly of Landmark Graphics, has joined Earth Signal as a senior processing geophysicist. Jim brings with him 19 years of experience in the geophysical industry. James Buchanan, formerly on contract with AEC East/West, has been hired as a processor as well. Regan Kennedy from the University of Saskatchewan, Kim Tran from the University of Calgary, and Colleen Whelehan from the University of Alberta have all joined ESP as processors and are recent graduates in the field of geophysics.

ESP has also hired two new technicians, Lin Ke and Elaine Gong, and one new administrative assistant, Teresa Klein-Ellis. They can all be contacted by phone at 264-8722, or by email using their first name followed by @earthsignal.com.

Statcom welcomes Tanya Kairzhanova and Tessie Yoingco to their data processing staff. Tanya brings with her over 15 years of experience in the geophysical industry. Her areas of expertise include processing, seismic interpretation, mapping and reservoir calculations, and survey design for 2-D and 3-D data. Tessie has worked in Calgary since 1993 as a Geophysical Technician and is continuing her studies at S.A.I.T. Tanya or Tessie can be contacted at (403) 265-4111 or email statcom@home.com.

Veritas is pleased to announce that Sam Gray joined their staff as Senior Research Scientist helping to develop and apply advanced seismic imaging a!id velocity analysis techniques. Sam has spent most of his career working for Amoco, first at their research lab in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and later at Amoco Canada in Calgary. He helped develop some of the 2-D and 3-D seismic imaging processes now popular in the industry. You can reach Sam at (403) 2056478, or email sam_gray@veritasdgc.com.

That's all the news I have for this month. Keep those faxes coming to (403) 265-6651, or call me at (403) 266-3225 or email cindy@hampson-russell.com.



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