Here are the latest changes in our industry:

Tako Koning has spent the past four years working on a rotational basis (28 days working in Angola, 28 days off in Calgary) as Portfolio Manager, New Business for Texaco in Luanda, Angola. He flew 52 times across the Atlantic during that time. He is now Development Manager, Congo Basin Block 2 for Texaco Angola Inc. and lives full time in Luanda. Tako advises that Angola has become a global 'hotspot' for oil exploration and if there are any CSEG members visiting Angola, they are welcome to drop by and pay him a visit. He can reached by phone at 244-2-322606, by fax at 244-2-3227103, by texnet at 8-463-1202, or email him at

Doug Campbell would like everyone to know that after completing the sale of Wintershall Canada, he has now moved over to be a Senior Geophysicist with Apache Canada. You can contact Doug at (403) 261-1327 or email

Kelman Seismic Processing is pleased to announce that Judy Leah has joined the company as a Processing Supervisor. Judy can be reached by phone at (403) 294-7584 or email

Doug Pruden has started a consulting practice called Nose Creek Geophysical Inc. as of November 1, 1999. You can reach Doug, President and P.Geoph. by calling (403) 703-8748 or emailing

Ian Baker would like his friends and colleagues to know that he has reactivated Baker Resources Ltd. Ian can be reached by phone at (403) 651-3444, by fax at (403) 246-4579 or email him at

Blair Thompson, formerly of Impact Exploration Services Inc., has joined the team of Jack, Tim, and Donna at Synterra Technologies Ltd. as Vice President Marketing. Blair brings 14 years of experience in seismic operations and management. Blair welcomes you to reach him by phone at (403) 216-1630, by fax at (403) 216-1638, by cell at (403) 860-6313 or email at

Arcis Processing is pleased to announce that Elvis Floreani has joined their team as Vice President of Processing. Elvis can be reached at (403) 781-5854 or email

Ian MacDonald has also joined the Arcis Processing team as Manager of Computer Operations. Ian can be reached at (403) 781-1700.

Arcis Processing also welcomes Debra Bredy and Barry Damm to their staff as geophysical technicians. You can reach Debra at (403) 298-4788 and Barry at (403) 298-4763.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Y2K compliance!



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