If people are complaining that the 'Oil Companies' are raising the price at the pumps too much, then I am feeling rather optimistic for the fall. On with this month's news.

Lorrnel consultants is pleased to announce that Andy Cicoria has been appointed General Manager. Andy's mandate will be to prepare for expansion into areas such as the environmental/land field, GIS data sales and data management. Andy was most recently in charge of Geophysical Operations at Lorrnel, will bring many positive change to his new position. You can reach Andy via phone (403) 233-0900, or via fax (403) 265-3874. Good luck Andy.

Tad Iwamoto, formerly with Gulf Resources, has joined Paradigm Geophysical as a Processing & Inversion Specialist in the services group. You can reach Tad via phone (403) 750-3538. As always, man of few words, good luck Tad.

Chris Jauer has sailed out to Nova Scotia where he is working as the geophysicist for the Marine Resources Geoscience group of the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) in Darthmouth. Any requests for lobster mailings will be declined, but visitors to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography will receive a warm welcome. You can reach Chris via phone (902) 426-4627 or via email jauer@agc.bio.ns.ca. Congratulations on your new lifestyle Chris.

Peter Maas would like his friends and colleagues to know that he has accepted an international position with Talisman Energy in the Sudan for a two year minimum assignment. You can reach Peter via snail mail at c/o Talisman Energy Inc. 2400, 855 - 2nd St. S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 4J9 or via phone at (403) 237-4971 (until end of Sept.) or via email at pmaas@talisman-energy.com.

Valerie Martens would like to announce that she has accepted a new position with Kelman Technologies Inc. and is in the process of re-relocating. Direct phone and email to be advised but you can reach Valerie at (403) 294-7575. All the best Valerie.

Allan C. Willis, formerly of Arcis, would like his friends and colleagues to know that as of July 1st he has joined Veba Oil Operations in Tripoli, Libya, as a Geophysical Specialist. Allan is in charge of quality control for both data acquisition and processing with the Explorations Operations Department. Other responsibilities include business continuity and contingency planning for the year 2000. I only have a snail mail address for Allan, but as I receive more contact information it I will pass on. You can reach Allan at Veba Oil Operations, Exploration Dept., Room 315, P.O. Box 690, Tripoli, Libya. Good luck Allan and enjoy the change.

Arcis Processing is pleased to announce the appointment of Christine St. Clair as Processing Manager. She can be reached at (403) 298-4786.

Arcis Processing will also be relocating their office. As of September 1st they will be located at 300, 404 - 6th Avenue S.W. Phone numbers will remain the same.

Thoughts for the day:

Courtship: The days just prior to marriage are like a snappy introduction to a tedious book.
-Wilson Mizner

Fame: Everybody wants to be Elvis but nobody wants to die



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