I have a lot of froms but not many tos. I hope to hear from the tos fairly soon. On with the month's news.

Cabre Exploration Limited is pleased to announce Steve Curtis has joined them as Senior geophysicist. Steve can be reached by phone at (403) 231-8804, fax (403) 263-4865 or via email: s_curtis@cabrexploration.com. Good luck with the new company Steve.

Dave Mackie formerly with Shell Canada Resources Limited, would like to announce to his friends and colleagues that he is now working for Marathon Canada as a Senior Geophysicist, Northern Alberta and NE BC group. Dave can be reached a t (403) 974-7615, via facsimile (403) 974-7665 or via email: davemack@marathoncanada.com. Congratulations Dave.

Seeing as there is not too many entries I would like to make an announcement of my own. We had our third child on February 9th, a boy, Xavier, 10 Ibs. 8ozs.

A Geophysicist arrived at the Pearly Gates and complained to Saint Peter that he was too young to be there. Saint Peter referred to his paper work and replied: "According to your billable hours you should be two hundred and four."



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