I hope that everyone is weathering the latest chaos and upheaval on a relatively even keel. For those who have hit the lifeboats, good luck and I hope you hit dry land soon. On with the month's news.

Jocelyn Bradley has joined the Earth Signal Seismic Processing team of Steve and Cecily in the position of Sales and Marketing. Jocelyn can be reached at (403) 264-8722, via the fax (403) 264-8725 or email: cjbradly@cadvision.com. A best wishes for you, Jocelyn.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group Ltd. is pleased to announce that Kris Dudas has joined our marketing team. Her focus at Excalibur-Gemini will be to provide seismic, land, geological and pipeline mapping solutions. Kris can be reached at (403) 264-8850, via the fax (403) 264-8868 or email: kris.dudas@teggl.com.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group Ltd. is also pleased to announce the appointment of J.E. (Jan) Hay to Vice President, Information and Records Management. Prior to joining Excalibur-Gemini in October 1996, Jan had her own company Exploration Information Technologies Ltd. and has over fifteen years experience devoted to implementing professional records and information management systems into many oil and gas corporations in Calgary. Excalibur-Gemini Group welcomes Jan and the expertise she brings to the company. Jan can be reached at (403) 264-8850, via the fax (403) 264-8868 or email: jan.hay@teggl.com.

Serge Jean formerly with Canadian Natural Resources Limited, would like to announce to his friends and colleagues that he is now working in the Hague, Netherlands with Clyde Petroleum Expolratie B.Y. as an explorationist in the North Sea New Ventures group. Serge can be reached at 31-70-342-4633 or via email: Serge-lean@gulf.ca. Serge, felicitacions avec votre nouvelle position.

Glenn Malcolm is now at Encal Energy Ltd. Glenn will be taking the position of Senior Geophysicist. You can reach him at (403) 750-33410r via the fax (403) 262-8579. I wish you luck with the new company Glenn.

Martin Layzell is now with First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. as Exploration Manager. You can reach Martin at (403) 264-6697, via the fax (403) 264-3955 or email: mlayzell@cadvision.com. Congratulations Martin with your new position at FCP.

Doug Stewart of Bonavista Petroleum Ltd. would like everyone to know that they have successfully relocated their offices and here is the updated information on how to reach Doug: phone (403) 213-4300, via the fax (403) 263-4726 and email: bonapete@telusplanet.net. I hope you got a bigger office Doug.

A Geophysicist approached Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates and asked to be let in. Saint Peter-"I have just gone through all the records on your life's history and I can not find one redeeming quality or act of kindness. Why should I let you pass? I challenge you to find a single act of redemption to convince me to let you into Heaven." The Geophysicist gave this a moment of heavy thought before speaking. Geophysicist- "Well, there was this one time where I was driving along in my car and I noticed a gang of toughs roughing up an elderly gentleman. I stopped the car and pulled out a tire iron from the trunk and approached what appeared to be the leader of the group. I grabbed him by the chain on his face and smashed him over the head with the tire iron. I then turned to the rest of the gang and told them. 'If you don't leave this man alone, the rest of you will get more of the same!'Saint Peter frantically searched through his paper work while asking "When did this happen?" Geophysicist- "Oh, about two minutes ago. "

As a motorcyclist here is some personal wisdom I wish to impart: the rider is more important than the ride so stay vertical, keep the rubber side down and no 'out of bike experiences'.



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