Things are pretty quiet out there now, but keep the faith. Here's to a busy winter. On with the month's news.

Arcis Processing is pleased to announce the recent additions to their strong and growing processing team. Doug Gillrie, Senior Sales Representative, with over 30 years industry experience joins Arcis to promote the company and make its services known to the industry. Doug can be reached at (403) 298-4793 or via fax (403) 266-2609. Dick Yuen, Senior Processing Supervisor, brings to Arcis over 23 years of experience in 2D and 3D seismic processing, both land and marine. Dick can be reached at (403) 298-4778 or via fax (403) 266-2609. Also an addendum to the September announcement of Alan Willis, he has joined Arcis Processing as Senior Processing Supervisor. Good luck gentlemen.

Mr. Bill Kidby, President of Dataplus will be joining Kary Data in the new position of Manager, Brokerage Services. Mr. Kidby brings to Kary Data over 30 years of experience in the geophysical brokerage industry having held various senior positions prior to forming Dataplus in 1989. Also joining Kary Data are Kim Nevada and Murray Anklewich as geophysical brokers, and Crystal Geiss as a member of Kary Data's geophysical data management and brokerage assistance team. You can reach them all at (403) 262-7021 or via fax (403) 262-1392. A best wishes for all of you.

Martin Layzell wishes to announce he has left Yorkton Securities (due to the current state of the financial markets) and, for the time being, is acting as an independent consultant. Martin can be reached at (403) 630-1613. Good luck Martin.

Cathy Martin reports that after taking the summer off (thanks to Renaissance's takeover of Pinnacle), she is now in the position of Geophysicist at Magin Energy. Cathy can now be reached at (403) 298-0956, via fax (403) 234-9963 or via email Best of luck Cathy.

Tom Podivinsky, formerly of Pinnacle Resources, has assumed the geophysical portfolio at New Cache Petroleums Ltd. Tom can be reached at (403) 263-3447, via fax (403) 263-3453, and he wishes that you send your jokes to Congratulations Tom, but be careful what you wish for.



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