I welcome everyone back and hope everyone has enjoyed the summer, on with the month's news.

Doug Campbell would like to announce that he has left his consulting business to take on the position of Chief Geophysicist for Wintershall Canada. You can contact Doug via phone direct (403) 261-6550, fax (403) 266-4414 or email: dcampbell@wintershall.ca. Good luck with your new endeavor Doug and I hope you enjoy the change.

Jason Nycz would like to announce to the industry that he is now with TriLink Resources as a Staff Geophysicist, Tilston group. The following numbers will put you in touch with Jason via phone (403) 262-4601 or fax (403) 265-0892. A best wishes for you Jason, and G.O.G!

Andy Vernon would like his colleagues to know that he has left Pulse to pursue interests outside the oil industry. For information with regards to Andy's work at Pulse please contact Cindy Lang. You can reach Cindy via phone (403) 234-6578 or via fax (403) 263-2251. Andy, best wishes with regards to your new endeavor.

Allan Willis has recently joined Arcis Processing (formerly Exssel), bringing over seven years of experience in 2D and 3D data processing and CAEX services. Along with Allan, Chrissy Pavlis, Joan Rickett and Dave Sembinelli are new additions to Probe's Data brokerage team. You can reach Allan via phone (430) 269-2529 or fax (403) 266-2609. Congratulations to everyone.

Always look on the bright side, here's something to ponder;

Heaven and Hell...

In Heaven In Hell
The Cooks are French. The Cooks are British.
The Police are British. The Police are German.
The Mechanics are German. The Mechanics are French.
The Bankers are Swiss. The Bankers are Italian.
The Lovers are Italian. The Lovers are Swiss.

That's all for this month.



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