I welcome everyone to the GeoTriad and on with the month's news.

Rick Gildart would like to announce as of May 1st, 1998, he will be starting his own seismic data brokerage company, Priority Data Ltd. You can contact Rick via phone direct (403) 234-8801 or fax (403) 234-8805. Good luck with your new endeavor Rick.

Gerard Haughey would like his friends and colleagues to know that since moving to (Noreen) Union Pacific Resources and joining the international group, he will now be relocating to Fort Worth along with the rest of the international group effective August 1st, 1998. You can reach Gerard via phone (403) 231-111 or (817) 877-6000 after August 1st. All the best Gerard.

Gord Lowe would like to announce to the industry that he has relocated his data brokerage expertise over to Intercontinental Seismic Survey Ltd. The following numbers will put you in touch with Cord, direct (403) 233-8554, fax (403) 233-7290 or by cell (403) 650-4575. A best wishes for you Gord.

Florence Reynolds would like her friends and colleagues to know that she is now working with Landmark Graphics Canada Inc. Flo is currently working as an onsite consultant with Petro-Canada and can most easily be reached via cell number (403) 660-8366. Enjoy your new position with your new company Flo.

A law of physics.

A Swelled Head: Nature's frantic effort to fill a vacuum.
–Author Unknown

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