I trust everyone has had an enjoyable spring and is resting up for the Triad next month, now on with this month's news.

Lorne Brack recently joined Triumph Energy Corporation as Vice President of Exploration. Lorne brings extensive experience to his new company and can be contacted at (403) 266-1227 or by fax (403) 262-5786. Congratulations on your new position Lorne.

Geco-Prakla would like to announce that Mike Cardell has joined the office in a sales capacity. Mike has worked for Geco-Prakla for 10 years originally as a surveyor and working in his most recent capacity with the company as Party manager for Crew 1267. Mike's varied background in field operations should stand him in good stead as a Sales Representative. Mike can be reached at (403) 250-7300 or via e-mail: cardell@slb.com Best of luck Mike.

Todd Lloyd would like to announce to his friends and colleagues that he has joined Ulster Petroleums as Senior Geophysicist. Todd brings over nine years of experience. Todd can be reached at (403) 269-0530, via fax (403) 264-5835 or via e-mail:tlloyd@ulster.com l wish you all the best with your new company Todd.

A thought:

It has been said that how you have lead your life will be reflected as to what people say about you at your funeral. I want people to say about me 'Gee, he owed me a lot of money.'
–Author Unknown

That's all for this month. Remember, if you have moved or know someone that has moved let me know by phone (262-5781 ext 236), fax (262-8632) or e-mail: bfelix@gedco.com.



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