Hello for another month, now for some news.

Geo-X Systems is pleased to announce a valuable addition to their Seismic Applications Programming Team, Dale Schack. Dale brings 13 years of processing and programming experience to Geo-X. Dale can be reached at (403) 781-2349, fax (403) 264-1057, or E-mail atschackd@geo-x.com. All the best Dale.

Tim Burk and Gloria Stenhouse wish to announce they have opened Intercontinental Seismic Surveys Ltd. They will specialize in brokerage services, participation surveys and data management. Maxine Mayor has joined the company as Geophysical Data Coordinator. The company is located at 330, 736 - 8th Avenue S.W. Tim, Gloria, and Maxine can be reached at (403) 233-8262 or fax at (403) 233-7290. Best of success to all.

Robert Cheung has joined Richland Petroleum Corporation as Chief Geophysicist. Robert was previously with Norcen Energy Resources Ltd. (403) 261-5329 will put you in touch with Robert or you can fax him at (403) 261-4083. Congratulation Robert.

Mel Best left the Geological Survey of Canada in January, 1997 to start Bemex Consulting International. Bemex is dedicated to solving geophysical problems for the petroleum mineral and environmental industries. Mel can be reached at (205) 658 0791 (phone/fax) or (205) 658-4225 (residence) or best@islandneg.com (email).

That's all for now, if you're on the move, drop me a note at (403) 262-7021 or fax at (403) 262-1392.

Geophysically yours,
Gord Breckenridge



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