Western Geophysical is pleased to announce that Steven Vasey has joined the Calgary operation a Manager. Steven has 12 year experience with Western in both land and marine acquisition and processing. Steve can be reached at (403) 272-9754 or fax at (403) 273-5293. All the best Steve.

Atul Nautiyal wishes to announce he has joined the exploration team at Fletcher Challenge Energy Canada Inc. You can get in touch with Atul at (403) 531-6442, fax at (403) 531-6448 or E-mail at atuln@fcec.com. Best of luck Atul.

Don Slater has joined Beau Canada Exploration Ltd. a Sr. Geophysicist. Don was previously with Canadian Forest Oil Limited. Don can be reached at (403) 750-7708. Congratulations Don.

Rutt Bridges recently announced his retirement as Chief Technology Officer of Landmark Graphics Corp. to pursue his new duties as President-Elect of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists on a full time basis. He will continue to office at Landmark's Denver facility and his email address (rutt@lgc.com) will remain unchanged.

David Garner recently established TerraMod Consulting Inc. TerraMod Consulting is a representative of Geomath Inc. of Houston. You can reach David at (403) 815-5589 or by email at garner@cadvision.com.

That's all for this month. Remember if your moving let me know call (403) 2627021 or fax at (403) 262-1392.

Bye for now.



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