Hello for another month.

The biggest move involves all the staff at Exploration Innovations and EI Processing Inc. They have moved to the 21st floor of 605 - 5th Avenue S.W. They are looking forward to all their friends and clients visiting their new expanded facilities.

Doug Campbell wishes to announce that he has formed his own company Talon Geophysical Consultants Ltd. Doug, formerly with Numac Energy, will now specialize in geophysical interpretation for Central and Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. You can reach Doug at 231-1286 or fax at 231-1299. Congratulations on your new company Doug.

Enertec Geophysical Services Ltd. Is pleased to announce the arrival of Mark Baxter to the Calgary processing Division. Mark joins Enertec as a Senior Processor bringing 10 years experience to the company. Mark can be reached at 233-7830 or faxed at 233-9368. All the best Mark.

Sam Johnston is pleased to announce that he has established Johnston Seismic Consulting Ltd. To better serve his present and future clients. You can reach Sam at 205-3545, fax at 265-1870 or E-mail at johnstos @cuug.ab.ca. Congratulations Sam.

Merl Riemer is no longer at Ocelot Energy Inc. full time, but has started his own geophysical consulting company called Riemer Resources Inc. Merl has 25 years of interpretation experience in both domestic and international exploration and development. He can be reached at (403) 299-5731 or (403) 286-4053.

That's all for know folks.



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