Here are the latest acquisitions and trades in our fair industry.

The Excalibur-Gemini Group is pleased to announce the David Eley has joined their Sales and Marketing staff. David brings more than 15 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. 264-8550 will put you in touch with David. All the best David.

Exploration Seismic Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Robyn Benner to the Sales team. Robyn can be reached at 269-2529. Best of luck Robyn.

Dave Aldridge recently joined Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a Research Geophysicist. Dave is an applied seismologist in Sandia's Energy and Environment division, specializing in travel time tomography, synthetic seismogram computation, and bore hole seismic imaging methods. Congratulations Dave.

Andrew Wiacek, formerly of Mark Resources, would like all his friends and colleagues to know that he has joined the exploration team at Crestar Energy. Andrew will be the geophysicist for the Eckville (Central Alberta) expansion team. 231-3861 will put you in touch with Andrew or fax at 231-3850. Best of luck Andrew.

Seismic Brokerage Services is pleased to announce that Wayne Sutherland has joined their team as Marketing Representative. Wayne brings 10 years' experience in geophysics, geology and petrophysics with Dome Petroleum. Most recently involved in a private business, Wayne looks forward to getting back into the industry, All the best Wayne.

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