Hello, my name is Gord Breckenridge. I am a Geophysical Broker with Kary Data Consultants Ltd. I will be taking over this column from Todd O'Brien. Congrats Todd on a job well done. I trust all had a good summer. Now for some news.

Doug Uffen, formerly of Home Oil, has joined the team at Boyd Exploration Consultants Ltd. as Senior Geophysicist. Doug can be reached at 233-2455. Best of luck Doug.

Paul Lloyd has moved to International Colin Energy Corp. Paul will be in the position of Senior Geophysicist. All the best Paul.

Sensor Geophysical Ltd. wishes to announce that their offices have recently expanded and have moved to 1300, 767 6th Avenue S.W. effective August 1, 1995.

Sensor is pleased to announce that Gordon Dyck and Harvey Kwan have joined the company over the summer. Gord will be responsible for the marketing and sales of the company and Harvey will strengthen the 2D and 3D seismic processing capabilities of Sensor Geophysical. The phone number remains (403) 237-7711 and fax (403) 237-7881.

Integra Geoservices welcomes two new members to its 2D and 3D seismic data processing teams. John Simmonds, formerly of Geo-X Systems Ltd., has joined Integra as a Processing Geophysicist and can be reached at 294-5128. John has 19 years of seismic data processing experience. Sam Kurdy has 20 years of international experience is senior geophysicist positions and has joined Integra as a Processing Geophysicist. Sam can be reached at 294-5111.

Kevin Angus has joined Ulster Petroleums Ltd. as Senior Geophysicist. 269-0492 will put you in touch with Kevin. Good luck Kevin.

On the brokerage side, Kary Data Consultants Ltd. is pleased to announce the return of Christopher Richard. Christopher returns to the position of Data management Coordinator and can be reached at 262-7021.

Katherine O'Brien would like all her friends and colleagues to know that she has joined Prospex Seismic Services ltd. as a Geophysical Broker. Katherine can be reached at 237-0811. Good luck Katherine.

Thank McKay, Vice President and COO of Pulsonic Geophysical Ltd. (PGL), is please to announce the following promotions. Rob Wiens has been promoted to the position of Geophysical Processing Manager. Rob will be responsible for all issues involving PGL's processing groups. Chin Yew Choo has been promoted to the position of Chief Geophysicist. Chin will be responsible for all technical issues related to PGL and will be in charge of insuring that Pulsonic maintains the high standard of quality demanded by the Oil and Gas industry. Rob and Chin can be reached at (403) 571-1555.

Don Whitmer has accepted a position with Enron Oil and Gas in Tyler, Texas. Previously he was the Geophysical Manager for Placid Oil Company – Canada. His new phone number is (903) 509-7135.

Well, that's the news for now. Remember, if you have moved or know somebody that has moved, let me know by phone (262-7021) or fax (262-1392). Bye for now.



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