Cathy Wright has now joined the team with Poco Petroleums Ltd. as their Geophysical Data Administrator. 260-8086 will put you in touch with her.

Crestar Energy Inc. has recently added Bob Fuenning to their Exploration Team. You can call him at 231-6803.

Terri Paget has now joined Jordan Petroleum Ltd. as their Geophysical Technician. Terri may be reached at 266-11024.

loan Dobre has moved over to Suncor Inc. To get in touch with loan, call 269-8652.

Integra GeoServices Inc. would like to announce the promotion of Jonathan Downton to Manager of Geosciences. He will be leading the Technology, Research and Production teams to Integra's objective of integrating science with technology. Jonathan can be reached at 294-5122.

Glen Brewer has been promoted to Manager, Special Projects leading Integra's stratigraphic team, focusing on special processing, modelling, inversion, AVO and field studies. He can be reached at 294-5114.

Ken Lamers has joined Northstar Energy Corporation. Ken may be reached at 298-0228.

Gerald Dobeck is now over at Petro-Canada. Gerald may be reached at 296-8248.

In the seismic brokerage news, Jonathan D. Banyard has joined Sigma Explorations (1978) Ltd. as geophysical broker. Jonathan brings with him 14 years experience of sales and service to the industry. Eric Schneider has also joined Sigma's data management department. Eric was formerly with Chevron and has extensive experience in geophysical processing and support. To contact Jonathan or Eric call 264-7865.

Photon Systems advises that they have some new additions to their Calgary and international offices. Joining the Calgary office are Robyn Benner (Account Representative), W. Stuart Mitchell and Joe Havlik (Geoscience Support), Jeanne Gonnason (Technical Writer), plus James Chornopsky and Bob Pynaker (Systems Analysts). Ian Simpson has joined the UK office as the European Sales Manager, Christine Anderson (Senior Applications Geophysicist) and Susan Foss (Geoscience Specialist) have joined the Houston office. In Calgary, Photon Systems can be reached at 750-3535.

Yuri Lipkov has now joined the exploration team with Crestar Energy after seven months consulting with Morrison Petroleum. Yuri can be reached at 231-6886. Best of luck.

Congratulations to the winners of the 1995 Doodlespiel. "A" Event: Perry Dyck, Ken Evans, Pat Brown and Warren Young. "B" Event: Kelly Jamison, Bob Bachman, Gary Laskoski and Dave Wardlaw. "C" Event: Larry Herd, Cam Taylor, Ron Ewing and Barrie Wright. "D" Event: Darrel Jackson, Rob Langill, Greg Davidson and Brian Lau.

Well that looks like it for another month. If you have anything you wish to mention in this column, please contact myself at 262-7021 or fax me at 262-1392.

Until next time, keep those faxes coming.



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