Mitch Peters, President and Chief Executive Officer of Solid State Geophysical Inc. is pleased to announce that Myles Coroy has joined the firm as an Operations Supervisor, and Dean Read has been promoted from within the Company to a position of Operations Supervisor. Myles and Dean can be reached at Solid State's Head office in Calgary, Alberta, at 255-9388.

Terence Mok has now joined the Exploration Team at CS Resources. You can call him at 234-8410.

Stacey Hrycak has joined the Field Operations Group at Boyd Exploration Consultants Ltd. Boyd Exploration would like everybody to know they have moved to #700, 540 5th Avenue S.W. Their phone number remains the same at 233-2455 and the fax at 265- 2042.

Another recent happening has Paul Lloyd and Scott Thompson moving over to Archer Resources Ltd. You can call them at 266-5522. Best of Luck Paul and Scott.

Brian E. Sondergaard has now joined with Pamplona Energy as Manager of Geophysics and may be reached at 264-1340.

Atul Nautiyal has moved over to Westward Energy Ltd. 262-5260 will put you in contact with Atul.

Precision Seismic Processing & Consultants Ltd. wishes to announce the appointments of Albert Kinloch, President and General Manager, Bill Smithwick, Vice President and Processing Manager, John Williams, Vice President and Research Manager. Precision is also pleased to announce that John Fisher has joined them as a senior Processing geophysicist and Arlene Karg, Ray Stockford and Rita Boles have joined as processing technicians. Precision's phone number is 237-5636 and the fax number is 263-5155.

Photon Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of three new members to their team. Ward McLean, C.A. has joined as Chief Operating Officer. Ward was previously a partner III the firm McLean Briggs, Chartered Accountants, where he consulted for medium-sized companies in the oil & gas industry. Bruce Jones (B.Sc. Geophysics) has joined the customer support team, providing software support to their client base. Bruce was previously at Geco-Prakla. Charlene Smith (B. Comm. MIS) has joined in the capacity of Corporate Communications and Marketing. Charlene previously coordinated Marketing Communications for Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd. Ward, Bruce or Charlene can be reached at 750-3535. Photon is also pleased to announce the opening of two new offices, Photon Systems Inc. in Dallas, Texas and Photon Systems UK Ltd. in London, England.

Mike Broome and Frank Varga are pleased to announce the formation of Norex Exploration Inc. located at #6, 3620 29th St. N.E. They are providing to the oil industry a Das I, 24 bit 144 channel recording system, combined with new OYO close tolerance 10 Hz geophones. Mike and Frank can be reached at 291-060 I or by fax at 291-0609.

VariData Surveys Ltd. are very pleased to announce that Ross Turner has joined this firm as a Geophysical Data Broker. Ross has over 10 years of experience in marketing and direct sales, most recently operating his own sales agency. Please give Ross a call at 262-5241 or Fax 262-5236.

Terry Barnhart, Bart Iverson, and Raymac Surveys Ltd. are pleased to announce the formation of Excalibur Technology Ltd. The company offers services in survey processing, database integration/maintenance, mapping and data/software products. Excalibur Technology is temporarily located at #10 9715 Horton Road S.W. Terry and Bart can be reached at 259-5471 or fax them at 253-6823.

Well, that's the latest. If you or anybody you know has moved or transferred, get a fax to me at 262-1392.



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