Hi, my name is Todd O'Brien and I'm a Data Broker with Kary Data Consultants Ltd. I will be following up on the column Tracing the Industry.

There have been a fair number of people that have moved to different companies. Here is a list of a few:

  • Larry Kangas is now with Archer Resources Ltd. Larry can be reached at 266-5522.
  • Bob Fuenning has now moved over to Gardiner Oil and Gas Limited. To get in touch with Bob call 265-0020.
  • Chuck Briere has joined up with Placid Oil Company. To get in touch with Chuck call 263-4310.
  • Jim Ross is now with Summit Resources Limited. Jim may be reached at 269-4400.
  • Don Ciague has now moved to Harding Oil & Gas Limited. Don may be reached at 233-7044.
  • Don Slater is now over at Atcor Ltd. To get in touch with Don call 292-8146.
  • Martin Armitage has now joined Jordan Petroleum Ltd. Martin may be reached at 266-1024.
  • Paul Starnino has now joined Texaco Canada Petroleum Inc. You can get a hold of Paul by phoning 234-2920.

Well that looks like it for another month. If you have anything you wish to mention in this column, please contact me.

Until next time, keep those faxes coming.



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