Jack is back! Time Seismic Exchange Ltd. is pleased to announce that E.J. (JACK) PORTER has returned. Time’s newest Seismic Data Broker can be reached at 262-9732.

Photon Systems Ltd. would like our industry to be aware of the following additions. Joining the Photon team is PAUL LEPPER, Customer Support Representative; SUSAN SMART, Office Manager; DAN MEYER, Software Engineer; and IAN ELLIOTT, Manager, Sales and Marketing. You can call Ian or Paul to arrange for more information or a demo of SeisX, their integrated 2D/3D seismic interpretation system, or any of their other software products. Their telephone number is 233-0170 or fax them at 233-0212.

Vector Archives Ltd. would like to welcome RON SMANIOTTO to their team of optical disk specialists. Ron’s new position will be Marketing Manager, promoting Vector’s full range of the latest solutions to today’s exploration data management and storage problems. Ron can be reached at 233-2848 or 233-2148.

CHRIS BARTON has joined up with Pinnacle Resources Ltd. To get in touch with Chris you’ll have to dial 265-5300.

RICK WALLACE has formed a new company called Ulterra Geoscience Ltd. located at Suite 510,715 - 5th Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 2X6. Ulterra provides advanced seismic processes like 3D inversion, AVO inversion, stratigraphic modelling, and phase analysis. Ulterra works closely with Hampson-Russell Software Services Ltd., developing and testing new geophysical algorithms as well as providing consulting, processing and training on all of Hampson-Russell’s products. Rick can be reached at 266-3234, Fax 265-6651.

Apologies to BILL QUIRK and JIM KING over at AGUILA EXPLORATION CONSULTANTS. Their phone number should have read 232-6222 and the fax is 232-6223. It’s not easy being human.

Velkommen tilbake to JAMES BEST. He has returned from the land of fjords (for all of you non-Scandahoovians that’ll be Norway) to be reunited with his friends at Conoco Canada. James’ phone number is now 260-2400.

Congratulations to the fabulous four-some of DAVE BREDY, MORGAN T. STEEVES, DON CLAGUE and JIM ROSS. Not only did they win the 1993 DOODLESPIEL, they were the first in Doodlespiel history to defend their title. My money is on them for the hat-trick. For those of you who haven’t heard, my Fax number has been changed to 237-0841. Well that’s about enough for this issue of Tracing. Have a nice day and give your kids a hug. If you don’t have any kids give your favourite Data Broker a hug, it’s been a tough winter.



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