Since the beginning of my university career, I have met many people from within the industry. Some have become friends and more importantly, some have become mentors. I understand that in previous columns I have continually shown my gratitude to these people but in this issue I would like to formally give credit to those who have gone out of their way to teach and guide me and my fellow students. It takes a special type of person to selflessly donate time and knowledge to an aspiring student.

Firstly, I would like to recognize my official CSEG mentor Kelly Hrabi. If you have read any of my other columns, you will recall me mentioning him repeatedly. Since the first day that Kelly accepted my proposal for him to be my mentor he has stood behind me through thick and thin. The knowledge he has shared with me over the past two years is, in my opinion, unparalleled. Kelly’s passion for geophysics really shows when he is teaching me and his enthusiasm is infectious. With his guidance, the deep love that I have for my chosen degree path is ever growing.

Another person who I would like to commend is someone I’m sure you all know, Penny Colton. Penny has been there since the beginning and has provided me with guidance in a number of different areas. When I began writing this column, her support and advice gave me the confidence to keep going. While our contact has been somewhat limited lately, I know if I had any questions she would be right there offering her best answers and for that I am grateful.

Stephen Kotkas is another individual who is going above and beyond in order to assist the aspiring student population. Stephen is closely involved with the members of the Geophysics Undergraduate Student Society and has offered advice and guidance to me on a number of occasions. It is clear to me that Stephen wants to see people succeed, an admirable quality to be sure.

These are only a few of many the people who have touched me through mentorship and each one has offered something different. Some have given technical advice while others have offered advice regarding my career path. I believe it is this wide spectrum of different people which gives me a wellrounded view of my chosen path. So if you are a student reading this, take heed; mentors can offer you insight that can only be gained through experience. If you are a person of industry I would ask that you share your experience. The students of today need your guidance so that we may move forward in betterment of the science.



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