Antonio’s Garlic Clove

(Garlic Anyone?)

Well, it’s a Monday night, the article is late, and the Hitmen are still playing! Since the culinary choices at “The Dome” are somewhat limited, we decided to pop into a little restaurant on 4th Street that has been highly recommended by several people. To those of you who know who you are, boy, were you ever right. This place is fantastic!

Located at 2206 4th Street SW, Antonio’s Garlic Clove is one of those perfect little spots slid into an old building dripping with atmosphere and character. With antique chairs and tables, plants galore, plus mirrors everywhere to open up the space, it is a cosy spot to stop for a relaxed dinner. Also, while I don’t usually mention it, the service was first rate, being helpful and attentive without intruding on our meal.

However, since there was a game to get to, we quickly settled on a couple appetizers to start our meal. The first was Antonio’s Garlic Clove Brie wrapped in bread, baked with whole cloves of garlic, while the second was Scented Squid, which is sautéed calamari in a roasted garlic cream and tomato sauce. Both were tremendous, however at this point, I have to say that if you only came here for the fresh bread with a balsamic vinegar and oil dipping sauce with crushed garlic, you would not go wrong. If they don’t bring it out right away, demand it! Also at this point, I’m sure you see a trend associated with the name, right? If you don’t like garlic then maybe Wendy’s is a better choice for the evening!

With this, we chose an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon by Ringbolt to accompany our meal, available by the glass or by the bottle. The wine list is short, sweet and sure to have something to appeal to everyone, or failing that you could always try a garlic beer!

After a little deliberation we were ready to sample our main courses: Wobbly Chops and a 6oz. Sirloin in Stinking sauce. I know you think I’m making this up but Wobbly Chops are French cut pork chops hand cut at the restaurant coated with a garlic puree, baked, then served with a baked apple and an apple brown sugar sauce. Unless you are starved order one chop as they are huge! The sirloin was served medium rare covered with fresh garlic cream and a garlic & brandy sauce (Stinking Sauce). Both entrees were served with a garlic mashed potato soufflé, carrots and asparagus plus lightly sautéed cabbage.

Now normally at this point, I go on to rave about desert, but honestly we were stuffed! So I’m going to have to go back late one night just to see what I missed. I do have inside advice though that says the bananas are to die for! However dinner is done for another day and it’s time to move on. As always, I’d love to hear any comments or suggestions at The Hitmen lost 3–1 by the way but are still in it, so GO HITMEN! (Well, they did for a while.)

Antonio’s Garlic Clove
2206 4th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 228-0866

Food *****

Service *****

Price $8.00 – $31.00



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