Latin Corner

(Cocina Latina Tradicional)

Ok so it’s minus a billion for the second week in a row, the furnace is running non-stop and you feel like you will never be warm again! Ah yes another Canadian winter is upon us. So where do you go to warm up and perk up your spirits? How about the Latin Corner? You remember this place; it was on 8th Avenue but suddenly was gone. Well have no fear, all that happened was that they moved to 4th Street, and if this place doesn’t warm you up nothing will.

The new Latin Corner is located at 2116 – 4th Street SW in the building formally occupied by 4th St Rose. The re-emergence of this Calgary favourite was May 2004 and while the location is new the flavour remains. The interior is full of casual tile tabletops, sofas, wrought iron chairs with comfy pillows and warm rich colours. Added to that is the constant beat of Latin music in the background plus the energy of the staff and you have the combination necessary for a great night out.

So, now we’re warm, happy and ready to get started. The question is where to start? Well when in doubt order a Mojito and think a bit! This is a Latin favourite comprised of Bacardi white, fresh mint, some sugar and soda water. If you’ve never tried one better have a couple just to make sure that your mood is right. Now where was I? Oh right dinner! We started with a couple of appetizers, being a Shrimp and Calamari Ceviche cured in lime and tomato juice and served with plantain chips, plus Almejas, which are braised clams with coconut-cilantro cream sauce. First hint of the meal, is dip your bread in the sauce!

Now while there is a perfectly serviceable wine list, we decided that another Mojito was in order to make sure that proper atmosphere was maintained. With that important detail taken care of it was off to the main course decision. This was tough, however we finally settled on Lomito de Puerco and Pez Espada.

Lomito de Puerco is tamarind glazed pork tenderloin with mango and pineapple served with sautéed vegetables and yucca with a spicy mayonnaise dip on the side. Pez Espada is plantain-crusted swordfish finished with a tamarind glaze served with rice and sautéed vegetables as well. Both entrees were fantastic and given either more room or more time I’d have kept on ordering, as there are lots of other dishes that looked as tantalising! Hmmm, sounds like a return visit is needed, if only to be certain that they don’t get out of practice on the Mojitos!

However all good things come to an end, and with some warm coffee to ward off the cold, another great dinner is done. If you go prepare to have fun and if you’re up for it try a Friday or Saturday night for some Spanglish karaoke. The Latin Corner is open for lunch or dinner and for a sample of their menu go to their website at As always I can be reached at for any comments or questions. Stay warm – spring will come!

Latin Corner
2116 – 4th Ave. SW

Food ****

Service *****

Price $9.00 – $22.00



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