Mt. Everest’s Kitchen
(Fine Nepalese Cuisine)

In case you haven't figured it out yet the general intent that I started out with in writing this column was to find interesting restaurants that served great food that maybe not everyone had heard about. I think that in Mt. Everest's Kitchen I have found a place that fits the criteria perfectly.

Mt. Everest's Kitchen can be found at 1448A, 17th Avenue S.W. in a small cozy space that is both inviting and relaxing. The space is comfortable and simple with Nepalese music drifting out of the background.

The best way to describe the Nepalese style of cooking is to call it a blend of Indian and Tibetan cooking blended together with the subtle spices of the Himalayas. It is a mixture of fresh vegetables, grilled meats, curries and much more flavored with spices such as garlic, cumin, coriander and cilantro to name a few. Added to this you may also find Himalayan spices such as Timur (Szechwan pepper) and Jimbu a herb found only in the Himalayas served either dried or fresh.

Your typical full-course Nepali meal would include an appetizer, Dal a vegetable or lentil soup, two or m o re vegetable and meat preparations, and an Archar or chutney, served with Roti (flat wheat bread), Bhat (steamed rice) or rice pilaf, supplemented with a local beverage, such as Lassi (yogurt drink), beer or liquor, and followed by a dessert and tea. As you can see we had quite a task in front of us if we were to sample even a portion of the full breadth of Nepalese cooking, however forge on we must!

We began with a meat Momo which is a spiced ground lamb dumpling and Cottage Cheese Kosa, marinated cottage cheese spiced and fried in batter, served with a Mango Archer and a yogurt and mint sauce. Needless to say a great start in our quest to learn as much about the style and type of food as possible.

The main course was an easy choice, being the KTM mixed grill with Everest mix vegetable Tarkari and steamed Basmati rice. Why the mixed grill? Well it afforded us the chance to try KTM (Kathmandu) chicken that is Nepalese spiced chicken cooked in a clay oven, Chicken Sekuwa (grilled chicken), Lamb Sekuwa, Himalayan Kebob (minced lamb, spiced and cooked in a clay oven) with shrimp. The Tarkari is a mixture of lightly curried vegetables, which nicely rounded out the meal.

While the wine list is short there are some quality picks that won't cause your wallet to run and hide however we chose to go with a Tiger Asian beer and a local (Grasshopper). Somehow beer and curry just seem to be made for each other!

For dessert we tried a traditional offering called Hymali, which is Taro root and coconut and a Mango rice pudding plus Chiya, which is, spiced tea Nepalese style.

Ok, so I'm stuffed but was it good you ask? The answer is that it was great and I'll be headed back often to a 'new' discovery! Plus in a pinch you can order out so on those snowy October evenings you can still enjoy the delights of Nepal! So give Mt. Everest's Kitchen a try, you won't be disappointed. As always I can be reached at for any questions or comments.

Mt. Everest’s Kitchen
1448 A 17th Avenue SW

Food ****
Service *****
Price $13.95 – $20.95



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