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It seems to me that the last time we met I was expounding about the great Italian food that can be found in SW Calgary. Well it’s the start of a new season for the RECORDER and it’s going to be Italian again, but this time I’d like to talk about the SE of Calgary, where the (Caffe Italia) Sugo can be found.

Sugo is located at 1214 – 9th Avenue SE in one of the most unique districts of Calgary (Inglewood) in what can be best described as the Antique district of town. It is an area of old red brick warehouses boasting high ceilings, long narrow rooms and hardwood floors. Sugo is housed in just such a space, which gives it a warm comfortable feel perfect for a dinner out. Plus if you really like one of the paintings on the walls, you’re in luck as some are for sale!

Now a small word of warning about what comes next. I’m about to rave about our dinner and tell you how wonderful it was but there’s a slight catch. Sugo’s menu changes daily so don’t expect to go and have what we had which is a tragedy as it was fantastic! However there is a silver lining to all of this. Everything is made fresh to order and if you are the type that can plan ahead (say 5 days), simply give them a call and they will attempt to prepare the dish that you are craving to the best of their abilities. Now that’s service! However if you’re like me, you show up and read what’s new, and wing it.

We started with two appetizers, one being a fresh fennel & roasted beet salad with a Lemon vinagrette, while the second was garden vegetable crostinis with grilled prawns & crème balsamic. Picture a lightly toasted baguette with diced vegetables, a large grilled prawn on top and you have the right picture. Both were perfect.

Our main courses consisted of a Galloway Beef NY strip loin with marinated tomatoes, and grilled veal rack with sautéed mushrooms & Prosecco cream sauce. Now for those of us that didn’t know, Galloway Beef is originally from Scotland and is considered to be a pure breed having never been mixed with any other. Regardless the cut was fabulous and cooked perfectly to medium rare as ordered. The veal rack was also tender and mouth watering, covered with a mushroom Prosecco cream sauce which is a heavy cream white sauce made with Prosecco wine and a little bit of Cognac. Luckily not fattening at all!

Sugo offers an extensive wine listing with many available by the glass for those who wish. We chose a Felsina Chianti Classico Berardenga. This is Tuscan Chianti with loads of fruit (cherry) vanilla flavors and a long finish, which fit well with the bold flavors of our main courses. Most of the single glass varieties can be had for the price of $7 and considering the quality it’s a deal!

As always dinner was followed by dessert which tonight was a Lemon soufflé with fresh berries and in my opinion a must have, Panacotta. This can only be described as part custard, part crème Brule and part heaven when served with fresh fruit of the day. A wide range of liqueurs and ports are also available and we were presented with a light chilled Muscat to cleanse the palate.

So welcome back to the new season and go try Sugo for a fantastic dinner that won’t disappoint, but make reservations, as they can get busy. As always any comments are appreciated at

1214 – 9th Avenue SE

Food ****
Service *****
Price $18.00 - $32.00



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