We introduce a new, experimental feature to this month's RECORDER: The Seismic Gourmet. The CSEG is a technical society. The RECORDER has become a fine technical publication, and it appeals to the technical part of "technical society" . A casual conversation in late 2003 revealed an interest in providing more content for the society part of "technical society" .

Two observations were made. First, much of our social activity revolves around shared meals. Second, a good number of the individuals on the CSEG past President's list know their way around both a wine cellar and a good menu. An idea for a new RECORDER feature was hatched.

Our culinary correspondents will be anonymous, but they will all have an affinity for fine food and good times. Here, then, is the first installment of The Seismic Gourmet.

Ron Larson,
CSEG Director of Communication
Apache Canada Ltd.

Rajdoot Restaurant
(Culinary Ambassador of India)

So how exactly does one find oneself sitting in front of a computer about to embark a journey through the world of food and restaurant reviewing? Exactly the question that I asked myself about ten minutes ago! It starts out one day as an innocent conversation on about what kind of things could be added to the recorder, and then quickly morphs into those one of a kind statements. "Sure, I'II take a shot at it. It sounds like it could be fun!"

Fun! The horror! Forced to go to some of the better, or poorer, restaurants around and try to sort out some type of opinion. Well enough of the whining and on with the task at hand.

Rajdoot Restaurant, located at 2424 - 4th St. S.W. is one of the longer standing and better-known Indian restaurants in Calgary. It has won several local and international awards over the years and seemed a perfect place to ward off a frigid January evening. The dining area is bright and open with plenty of art to put you in the mood for some tantalizing curries .

The menu is extensive so for tho se who are already familiar with Indian cuisine stop reading now and head out for food. However for the rest of us who might not know an OSHAT-E-ALLU from a ROGAN JOSH KASHMIRI the staff has put together several dinners where you can sample a variety of different dishes.

We settled on the Sultans Wish and Tigers Hunt dinners for one. Both start with a meat Samosa appetizer with Pakora (vegetable fritter), and Pappadom with various chutneys. In our case we had Tamarind, mint, plus tomato and onion chutneys. Both dinners also came with Naan, Basmati rice, a mild vegetable curry and Dhaal curry, a black lentil curry, which was very good and also mild on the palate.

The Sultans Wish as a main course tempts you with Tandoori chicken plus a Lamb curry and Sheekh Kabob, a minced, spiced lamb, cooked on a skewer. Fantastic!

The Tigers Hunt comes with a generous supply of Tandoori shrimp, which were done perfectly.

Finally what meal in an Indian restaurant would be complete without a good cold Asian beer and in our case we tried a lager from Singapore that cooled us off when needed.

The end to a great dinner can only be a great dessert, which we found in Badami, homemade yogurt with honey and crushed almonds (a true delight).

All in all a very enjoyable evening with prompt service, a quiet atmosphere and some fantastic Indian food.

So that's it for the first try, hope you enjoyed the article and we will see you next month with a new spot to dine.

Rajdoot Restaurant
2424 - 4th Street S.W.
(403) 245-0181

Food ****
Service ****
Price $21.95 - $23.95



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