It seems as though I may have generated a bit more interest in explosive formulations, shelf life and sleep time than has been considered by most of us for some time. Generally, as long as things go well, we accept the status-quo.

Our industry certainly has been far more interested in health, safety and the environment more recently and hopefully this interest will have a rate of acceleration that will assure it will not deteriorate, slow down and eventually be forgotten. I have talked about "lip service" being paid to some safety related issues and hopefully the lip service practitioners are finding out that it won't work. Only dedicated interest in promoting good work practices will eventually result in reduced incidents resulting in injuries, damage to equipment and environmental damage.

Greater knowledge of, and interest in, products we use and how we use them will help us reach our individual goals of reduced incidents. I'm not suggesting a rash of new test procedures as we have gone through in the past, but I do believe in reexamining our products and their procedures from time to time to assure we maximise our efforts.

There's probably a bit of the "mad scientist" in all of us, and the closest we ever get to an opportunity of whomping up an exotic mixture is your favourite salad, stew or a zombie-like cocktail at your own bar.

Following up on a previous column, I mentioned a "wish list" for you to participate in designing what you would consider an "ideal seismic explosive". In order to get this started, I'm going to ask a number of questions. It will be the beginning of your chance to design - "THE IDEAL SEISMIC EXPLOSIVE"

I'm not aware of such a survey being taken in the past and I'm not sure how the explosive manufacturers will accept recommendations derived from users' requests.

I can guarantee however, that any recommendation made, based on increased public safety and environmental concern, from interested members of both the CSEG and the CAGC would have to be very seriously considered. I will take the results of this survey to the CAGC safety committee for consideration and possible recommendation to the manufacturers.

To make this work, I do need your help. Please take a few minutes of your time and either copy the questions and fill in the answers and fax the page to me or, write your answers by question number and fax the list to me.

Send your fax to Safety Jack. I'll compile the results, discuss it with fellow safety people, try to come up with that "ideal seismic explosive" and of course report the findings to our readers.

So, 'til next time, at work or play, LIVE SAFELY!

"The Ideal Seismic Explosive"

  1. What do you consider the ideal velocity in metres per second?
  2. What velocity range would you accept as the highest m.p.s. and the lowest m.p.s.?
  3. What is the ideal cartridge weight in kilograms?
  4. What multiples of cartridge weight would you regularly use?
  5. What is the smallest cartridge weight you would normally use in single hole work?
  6. What do you consider an ideal outside diameter of a cartridge in millimetres?
  7. Do you have a preference of cartridge composition, plastic, paper, other material?
  8. Do you prefer:
    (a) a cap-booster priming system?
    (b) a cap sensitive formulation?
  9. Do you agree with pre-formed cap wells?
  10. Do you agree with the concept of limited sensitivity life of loaded explosives?
  11. If no to the above, do you agree that liability for subsequential damage or injury due to digging into an unexploded charge may be shared by all associated parties?
  12. If designing a limited sensitivity sleep time explosive, what would you a consider as a (a) minimum life sensitivity? (b) maximum life sensitivity?
  13. Cutting of explosive cartridges to make smaller charges is not only hazardous but actually in contravention of existing legislation. Do you believe the saving in cost is worth the possible risk of detonation when being cut?
  14. Shallow patterns with very light charges have greater potential for future contact with unexploded charges than deeper charges.
    (a) Would you recommend a shorter detonator/cartridge sleeptime for this type of use?
    (b) What length of time-maximum, minimum?
  15. Did the article by R. Goodhart on pole shooting give you more confidence in it as a viable seismic source?
  16. Would you be inclined to use the pole system more than in the past?
  17. Do you have any other recommendations or requests of the explosives manufacturers?



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