Collaboration! It is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. The origin is from the Latin word, collabarare which translates to ‘working together’.

Collaboration through the many dedicated volunteers is how the CSEG and the CSEG Foundation put on events and programs for the members and the public. But the CSEG’s collaboration goes even further. The CSEG collaborates with other professional societies, organizations, universities and groups to bring even more relevance to the members, students, potential members and the public.

The EPP (Emerging Professionals Program) has done socials with the CSPG, AAPG and the SPE and joint technical programs with the AAPG and the SPE. The CSEG Mentorship program now includes participation and collaboration with the SPE and CWLS.

GeoConvention is jointly organized by the CSEG, CSPG and CWLS and included SPE presenters this year. GeoConvention also includes a shared student booth and a shared student industry mixer where students are encouraged to take advantage of student membership.

The Road Race & Fun Run is a long standing collaboration with the CSEG, CSPG and CAPL.

ESfS (Earth Science for Society) is put on together with the CSEG, CSPG and CWLS. The CSPG Honorary Address is sponsored together with the CSEG Foundation and the CSPG Foundation. The Foundation’s USO (University Student Outreach) is also done collaboratively with the CSPG when possible to offer a multitude of student opportunities. The CSEG also works together with CAGC on Seismic in Motion. The Geophysical Industry Field Trip or GIFT also comes about through many contributions.

APEGA’s GeoSkills event is another professional community and university collaboration.

The CSEG VIG (Value of Integrated Geophysics) is accomplishing many cross-professional technical exchanges with the SPE through their most recent SPE breakfast series in April and a talk for the CSEG Symposium.

The CSEG has several MOU’s (Memorandum of Understanding) with international and domestic professional societies to bring more opportunities to the membership. Those MOU’s are currently with the SEG, EAGE and the GSH (Geophysical Society of Houston). The CSEG/EAGE talk series and the SEG DISC lectures are included in our collaborations.

The CSEG is represented on the SEG Council through the Past-President, President and Vice-President and through our Canadian District representatives who come forward.

The CSEG is a member society of the Canadian Federation of Earth Science (CFES) collaborating with other technical, professional and academic geoscience organizations to ensure that decision makers and the public understand the contributions of Earth Science to Canadian society and the economy.

And currently the CSEG, CSPG, CSLW, SPE and CSUR are working on a collaborative engagement with our government.

You may be aware of these and many more collaboration examples which are all listed on the CSEG website or other society and event websites. Stay tuned for more efforts as all of our professional societies are keen to work together in providing relevance and reducing redundancy. Do you have a collaborative idea to share for the CSEG to pursue?



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