GeoConvention 2016 has just completed as I write this article in spite of all obstacles! I’ve heard sincere praise and positive comments about the quality of presentations. Robert McGrory, Kathleen Dorey and Nancy Laing are the CSEG GeoConvention Board representatives who work diligently to bring relevance, content and direction to the joint convention. Robert McGrory has been replaced by Jeff Deere from this point forward on that Board. Thank you, Robert, for your years of hard work! Sincere gratitude for all the hard work coordinated by Dustin Menger and committee chairs. Congratulations to all who contributed! Let’s recognize all the wonderful volunteers that worked so hard and gave their personal time to make GeoConvention another success. It was refreshing to see so many members come together with sincere effort to contribute in spite of the challenge of this economic downturn. Many of our volunteers have been affected personally, but that didn’t stop them from ‘paying it forward’. Again, congratulations and thank you to all for making GeoConvention 2016 relevant.

Earth Science for Society has also occurred by this article’s time which is a fantastic event put on by joint funding of the CSEG, CSPG and CWLS. All the excellent promotion and execution of ESfS has reached out even further into our community through this wonderful and free educational science event. Congratulations and thank you ESfS volunteers.

The CSEG Symposium will happen on May 5th and it is the event to hear an impressive technical presentation lineup along with the luncheon event to recognize outstanding CSEG member’s contributions. The awards are: the CSEG Medal, CSEG Honorary Membership, Special Commendation, Meritorious Service and Technical Achievement awards. I hope you will attend and support our colleagues in their work and honor those deserving.

I’d like to also deeply thank the outgoing CSEG Directors and Officers for their undying dedication and valiant efforts! Merci beaucoup!

Please know that the Executives have been busy working on the CSEG’s present and future strategy, financially and technically, and are continuing that work with our new Executives. During the past year we have had some great discussions which have led to some creative solutions to keep the CSEG current.

We currently have a joint society collaboration for the promotion of scientific contribution to society. The Directors and Officers of the CSEG, CSPG, CWLS and SPE are working together on a strategy to collectively engage, educate and bring about an awareness of what our scientist members do for Canada’s industry, economy, environment, and public with the provincial and federal ministries. Our circle of influence is expanding, bringing opportunities to engage further.

A CSEG Strategy Survey will be going to all the members in May to get your input on the future and priority relevance for the CSEG. The Executives are having a strategy planning session in late May so respond as soon as you can! Please express your voice on the CSEG’s future.

This year, the first online bylaw update vote to all members will be sent. The bylaws are updated to reflect current content, legal requirements for not for profit registration and for the future CSEG, Members and Executive Boards. Your input on this part of the strategy matters, even if the subject matter can be dry.



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