Are you sitting on the C-Train travelling to GeoConvention as you read this page or standing on the convention centre stairs about to start planning which technical or panel sessions to attend? Have you registered already or chosen not to attend? At the least, get down to the Exhibition Floor to meet some past, present and future vendors, suppliers, colleagues, employers and employees. However you spend the days from the 7-11th March please take time to focus on your future. Make this a week to technically and professionally refresh and rejuvenate.

“Off to GeoConvention!
Today is the day!
Your future is waiting,
So… get on your way!”


For those in a slump at the moment, I highly recommend taking 5 minutes to read Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. It recently brightened my day.

Over the past few months, I have been involved in many discussions about what the CSEG can do for members and what members can do for the CSEG but the voice in my head says ‘we are the CSEG’. The society is as strong as its members. From that perspective, we are exceedingly strong so in my last month as President I’d like to personally say thank-you. Thank-you to each and every one of you. Many of the CSEG accomplishments are summarised in the 2015 CSEG Annual Report that is now available online – I encourage you to read through before attending the AGM.

Leaders in the Community
A multitude of individual members have come forward over the years, donating time and money so that the CSEG would grow, that initiatives would succeed, and that our membership would be strengthened socially and technically. Some members participate with short bursts of enthusiasm when time permits, and others are consistently involved both behind the scenes and/or at the helm. We appreciate all forms of volunteering and recognised that people give what they can.

Give a Day – or Give a Few Hours
Numerous CSEG volunteers give far more than a day of their time yet there are many occasions in which just a few hours or a random day or two is required for a career fair, Earth Science for Society, GeoConvention or to give a MUG or lunchbox talk. If you aren’t already volunteering for the CSEG, consider approaching a committee to ask whether there is a task that you can take on.

Alternatively, consider donating to the CSEG Foundation an amount equivalent to a day of work. There will be a wide range of donations depending upon job descriptions and experience – every bit counts. And, pick a date that represents your donation. Work that day knowing that every task, interaction, report and project meeting is benefitting the programmes supported by the CSEG Foundation. Tell people that that is what you are doing and advocate that they consider something similar. I am.

Corporate Leaders
As supporters of the CSEG through corporate membership, sponsorship, donations in kind and encouragement of staff participation many companies are engaged in the activities of our society. Their logos are shown at CSEG technical luncheons, at various events, and on our website. Remember them. And, as a wise man once said to me, take the time to say, “thanks for sponsoring this event, tell me what you do”, or “I appreciate the staff hours of CSEG volunteering that your company supports”.

CSEG Executive
In my final month as CSEG President, I can’t thank the Executive enough for their time, innovation, inspiration, diligence, tenacity, blood, sweat and tears. Given the fiscal climate, the past 12 months have been challenging and this team has risen to the task. Many of the Executive members have faced personal and professional challenges during the past year and yet remained committed to the CSEG to the degree in which they were able – thank you to all of you for giving your best. We, as a team are thankful for the support provided by CSEG staff members Jim Racette, Alyssa Middleton and Penny Colton to whom much of the drudgery of the work goes. They have also worked hard in trying times.

At the AGM this month, the incoming Executive, John Duhault, Graziella Kirtland Grech, Carmen Swalwell, Karen Chong and Neda Boroumand will be introduced as Stephen Kotkas, Keith Millis, John Bertsch, Paul Anderson and Rob Vestrum step down. If you see them over the next few months, please take the time to thank them for their effort. Marian Hanna will take the helm as I step into the role of Past President and Ken Gray, Marko Mah, Kevin Bianchini and Janine Ballingall take on Director roles. We look forward to the challenge of 2016.

As CSEG President, I say goodbye, but as Rachel Newrick, CSEG Past President, member and volunteer, I am here for a while. Thanks for the ride!

Fig. 01
CSEG Technical Luncheon January 2016 at the Calgary Petroleum Club. Join us next time.



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