GeoConvention 2016: Optimizing Resources ( is almost upon us. In tough economic environments it is critical that we, as an industry, look at methods to optimize resources using novel technology, following innovative workflows and/or simply being as efficient as possible. We should all be there in one capacity or another. Sign up as a full delegate and participate in the technical program that includes many panel discussions and new sessions alongside the leading technology and case histories that we see each year. Alternately, visit the exhibition floor only (free if registered in advance) to network with exhibitors, delegates and sponsors, participate in the offsite session at Lake Louise, and attend the luncheons. If currently unemployed please take advantage of special arrangements available.

The Early Bird Deadline is February 3rd so if not yet registered, put down the RECORDER, get online at and take advantage of the significant discount. Then come back and enjoy catching up with CSEG news including technical developments, people in the industry and the achievements of our volunteers and members.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

In January 2016, I encouraged us all to work on losing the entitlement, continue to improve our professionalism, and start to really advocate for both our profession and our society. So, here I expand on advocating.

To advocate is to publicly support and recommend. Would you be willing to do any of the following?

  • Wear a membership pin or put a small decal on your computer
  • Discuss the value of membership with colleagues and industry professionals
  • Promote CSEG events within your company and encourage participation
  • Approach the leadership of your corporation to highlight the benefits of corporate involvement
  • Write an article for your company newsletter that discusses the CSEG
  • Organise company space for a CSEG event

Although many members are keeping their heads down at the moment, a small amount of effort on our part can make a big difference to the CSEG, the community and ultimately our careers and companies. For example, donations-in-kind through corporate space for technical lunches, events, workshops and committee meetings are greatly appreciated. Advocating does not have to be a formal undertaking – a casual conversation about the value of a recent publication in the CSEG RECORDER and a reminder to others to renew their membership is a form of advocating.

Be an advocate for the people and causes important to you, using the most powerful tool only you have – your personal stories.

Although there are significant benefits to being involved in a technical society we often neglect to share the benefits with others, specifically how CSEG membership has benefitted us personally. After a quick conversation with some members I summarised some key comments below and suggest how to use those comments to advocate for the CSEG.

I support the CSEG because…

  • “it provides a forum in which we can put aside our competitiveness and discuss the science and technology of hydrocarbon exploration”
  • “the CSEG RECORDER provides me with innovative and thought provoking science based material on a monthly basis”
  • “the ability to network with my geoscience and industry peers at both a technical and social level enhances my ability to perform my job”
  • “mentorship is valued and I have been able to participate as a mentor both increasing my knowledge and guiding career decisions of my protégée”.
  • “I have met many clients and service providers through the various forums provided including technical luncheons, education days, GeoConvention, social events and committees”
  • “volunteering on the ________ committee has increased my management / finance / sales / marketing / networking skills and allowed me to grow in areas beyond technical”

…and for that reason you should get involved as well.

It isn’t always easy to distill the essence of a personal story, so I suggest thinking of the moment when you felt the greatest sense of community within the CSEG, when you felt pride in belonging, when you really valued the information provided to you, when something clicked and you made significant progress in your work, career or technical understanding or when you realised that you were really making a difference to your life, the lives of others, the life of your company and the life of the industry. Use that to start your discussion about the CSEG.

We should advocate for everything that is important to us.

We should advocate for ourselves, advocate for our teams, advocate for our company, and advocate for our industry, especially in these tough times.

Thank you for taking the time to engage with the CSEG and I wish you all the best at GeoConvention, over the upcoming year and appreciate your advocacy for the things that you value.



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