There is a lot going on this month – so wrap up warmly, grab a beverage, find a comfortable seat and enjoy what the RECORDER has to offer this month. On this page we’ll have a quick look at CSEG membership renewal, Past President’s Luncheon, Chief Geophysicist Forum, Technical Luncheon, the APEGA Legislative Review and the CSEG Executive elections.

John Duhault, Doris Ross, Vicente Oropeza Bacci, Carmen Swalwell, Graziella Kirtland Grech, Mark Lukwinski, Karen Chong, Adam Flynn, Byron Kelly, David Cho and Neda Boroumand

Eleven members have stepped forward for five positions on the CSEG Executive, so please take the time to read through their biographies here in the RECORDER and vote. We worked diligently to ensure that the membership had a choice. Our records show that historically people tend to vote within a day or so of receiving the email else don’t vote – so please click on the link as soon as you receive it.

Please also click your membership renewal. CSEG staff will be sending out renewals in December and processing them promptly as received. If you know someone who signs up for CSEG membership purely to attend a specific social event, suggest that they sign up in December and get the benefit of the full year rather than just the few months between the event and year end.

There are a few things to do before we head on vacation. Early this month Marian Hanna and I will be joining the Past Presidents of the CSEG for a luncheon and President’s Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC consists of the previous 10 Past Presidents and acts as a sounding board to the current President. We hold a PAC meeting each December and then as needed throughout the year. I’d like to thank the Past Presidents for their dedication to the society and their continued input for up to a decade after they headed the Executive. Another group that offers advice to and works on specific requests from the Executive is the Chief Geophysicist Forum – you can meet some of them in this month’s Volunteer Spotlight.

The CGF has a committee dedicated to working with APEGA – and presently that includes the APEGA Legislative Review. Besides myself (P.Geoph, P.Geol), a number of CSEG members are involved as Legislative Champions (Ken Mitchell (P.Geoph.), Neda Bouroumand (Geoph.I.T), Rob Vestrum (P.Geo.), Charles Welsh (P.Geoph.)) meaning that we are championing the involvement of members in the review process. Many of the proposed changes to the Act will have a significant bearing on some of you including mobility of discipline orders, placing conditions on registration, increasing the amount of fines and penalties and capacity to practice. So, please take the time to be informed by visiting and/ or joining a consultation session, commenting and taking action where you feel it is necessary.

The CGF has also recently formed a Special Projects Committee to assist members during these difficult economic times. One initiative thus far is to promote post-luncheon networking so come to the next Luncheon and save an addition half an hour for an informal coffee with colleagues and new contacts. Break away and meet with a few people or drag a larger group to the nearest convenient spot. The Luncheons will become more accessible to displaced members in the New Year with revised pricing and sponsored tables. Please contact the CSEG office for details.

At the November Luncheon, Leon Thomsen gave a short presentation on Geophysics in a Time of Cheap Oil and the remaining 35 minutes provided time for lively discussion. I suggest that allowing for discussion time at our technical Luncheon is worthwhile, so please send in your comments. On anything! In January 2016, the CSEG Technical Luncheon will be held at the Calgary Petroleum Club at a significantly reduced price of $38.10 +GST. Price increases by the Telus Convention Centre would have required a member ticket price increase in 2016 and the Executive felt that it was time for change. This reduces our maximum capacity to approximately 275 people so if you are interested in a specific topic – be sure to get your tickets early. Consequently, we have also reduced Technical Luncheon A/V Sponsorship to $750 – so step up, get involved and suggest to your company that they take part.

Now to you, personally. It has been a tough year and many of our individual and corporate members have been through the wringer. We appreciate your continued involvement with your technical society, and look forward to working together over the upcoming year. So whether skiing at Lake Louise or Castle Mountain, reading The Earth by Richard Fortey, enjoying the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre, watching a bad science movie, immersing yourself in a geo-documentary or taking time to relax, we on the CSEG Executive wish you a wonderful year end and all the best in 2016.

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