Welcome to GeoConvention 2015. On behalf of the CSEG, thank you for attending, sponsoring, exhibiting, volunteering, and generally participating in this year’s GeoConvention. We recognise that this has been a tough few months for many companies and individuals and suggest that the GeoConvention theme ‘New Horizons’ is appropriate to many. The week will be well served meeting or reacquainting yourself with past colleagues, immersing yourself in technical presentations and discussion, viewing the latest technology and taking time to reflect on how your strengths best serve the academic or business community. Push the boundaries of your comfort zone and attend some talks that you would normally pass by, and consider visiting the Core Conference at the University of Calgary or participating in a geophysical workshop. Tough times provide opportunity to grow, to start fresh and to work with others to do the same. Take this time to collaborate, create and connect.

One way that many professionals connect with their industry is to volunteer and the CSEG has an exceptional membership in that regard. The current GeoConvention volunteers are putting on an excellent event and we appreciate their effort. Please personally thank the various volunteers at the convention. A smile and a simple ‘thanks for volunteering’ or ‘I appreciate your effort’ really helps a long day run smoothly.

On that note, please let me say that I do appreciate your effort. We have a fabulous volunteer base and greatly appreciate volunteers that keep the CSEG running. That said, we also recognise that this is going to be a hard year with the current economic climate and have had to make some hard budget cuts to ensure that we remain fiscally responsible. You may notice that we have scaled back on some initiatives and hope that you understand as we support each other through the downturn. At this time, more than ever, we need our volunteers to come forward with initiative, enthusiasm and support for each other.

Volunteers are present at all levels of the CSEG organisation led by the CSEG Executive – also a volunteer group. The Executive is elected each year but the process and the involvement or opportunities may not be well understood by the general membership. In this issue of the RECORDER we are attempting to clarify the process, timing and duties of the Executive with input from the current Executive team. Kathleen Dorey writes about some of our members who unsuccessfully stood for election but went on to great strength within the CSEG and in the Volunteer Spotlight we meet some past Executive members to find out what the experience was like for them. We encourage you to refer to Section 2 of the CSEG bylaws (cseg.ca/members/cseg-bylaws) for election details and have summarised the timing below with key deadlines marked.

In almost every case, the people on the Executive were asked to run by the Nominations Committee that is made up of the President and two most recent Past Presidents. So if you are interested in participating in your organisation at this level please make the current Executive and, specifically, myself as the Chair of the Nominations Committee aware of your interest. There is also an opportunity for the membership at large to nominate candidates with the deadline of November 1. So come forward and say ‘I’ll do that’, ‘I have some ideas’ and ‘my strengths would work well in that role’. Let us say ‘welcome to the team’.



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