This will be my last RECORDER article as CSEG President. The Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists remains healthy, vibrant and prosperous. Our social events are considered the best in the industry; The T-Wave Golf Tournament, WISE Golf Tournament, Doodlebug, Doodlespiel, CSPG/CSEG Road Race and Fun Run and the Ski Spree. They all operate on their own budgets with minimal help from the CSEG. They also all operate through the generous contributions of our volunteers. In fact, it’s the CSEG volunteers that keep our entire society running as smoothly as it does.

Speaking of volunteers, our new executive has been announced and they will begin attending the Executive Meetings on March 19, 2013 as voting members.

The 2013 CSEG Executive Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

  • President – Ron Larson
  • Vice President – Rob Vestrum
  • Director of Educational Services – Shawn Maxwell
  • Assistant Director of Educational Services – Kurt Wikel
  • Director of Member Services – Kim Nevada
  • Assistant Director of Member Services – Tammy Wilmer
  • Director of Finance – Wade Brillon
  • Assistant Director of Finance – Larry Wellspring
  • Director of Communications – Jason Schweigert
  • Assistant Director of Communications – Meghan Brown
  • Past President – Rob Kendall

Speaking from personal experience, it is a pretty big commitment being on the CSEG executive and I would like to thank everyone for stepping up to the plate and representing our society!

At the AGM on March 19, I will be reviewing the year’s accomplishments and I will also be including the highlights in the President’s Executive Report. These accomplishments were a group effort and I believe the 2012 Executive was a smoothly running machine with great energy and a positive attitude.

The following is a listing and brief discussion of the highlights. I have also included the CSEG Mandate just to put things in perspective.

CSEG Mandate – The mandate of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists is to promote the science of geophysics, especially as it applies to exploration, and to promote fellowship and cooperation among those persons interested in geophysical prospecting.

Membership – The current membership sits at 2354 compared to 2104 last year. While we have seen increases in all areas of the membership, the biggest increase came in the student membership. This is most likely due to student membership sponsorship (presently covered by RPS Boyd).

Social Committees – This year we instigated new requirements for CSEG sponsored social committee events. That is, to participate in a CSEG event, one should be a CSEG member (it’s $52.00). This requirement is not applied to spouses and some other special cases. We also saw the Women in Seismic Exploration (WISE) golf tournament become a CSEG sponsored event. We initiated the meritorious service awards that are given out at the CSEG Symposium and we established a yearly meeting for all the committee members to get together and compare notes on efficiencies and fund raising.

State of the Society (all $, 000)


GeoConvention 2012: Vision – 2012 marked the first year that the CSEG operated the GeoConvention (CSEG, CSPG and CWLS) under the JACC agreement. The 2012 convention was an overwhelming success with a net profit going to the CSEG of $460,000 (compared to $406,000 the previous year). There were 247 oral presentations, 111 posters, 19 core displays and 4157 registered delegates. The CSEG is again operating in 2013 and all the early indicators suggest that this we will be an even more successful event.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the EAGE and SEG – Members of the Executive met with their counterparts at the SEG Convention in Las Vegas. The purpose of these MOU’s is to put some structure around the existing society relationships. In particular, we will promote our respective societies at each other’s conventions, in our respectful journals and on our web-pages. While we presently host the DISC and EET programs, our Foundation Distinguished Lecturers (DLs) have not been promoted in Europe and in the US. We expect to have the MOUs signed at the CSEG Symposium, March 7.

CSEG Symposium – After a successful inaugural symposium, we will be moving ahead with the second annual CSEG Symposium on March 7, 2013. A full slate of invited speakers has been confirmed. This year’s topic will be celebrating the accomplishments of Bill Goodway.

CSEG Foundation – The CSEG Foundation achieved the $1 million mark and the beginning of 2012 partially thanks to the Society being able to donate almost $250,000 two years in a row. Through a new fundraising effort, the Foundation is now moving towards their goal of $3 million. At last count they were approximately $600,000 closer to that. This includes private donations and another society donation that should easily be $300,000 this year. The next phase will be targeting corporate entities. The Foundation sponsors student scholarships, the Distinguished Lecturer tour, outreach, travel grants and learning subsidies.

CSEG Rebranding – The CSEG has completed a major new rebranding for the Society and the Social Committees. The new brand will be rolled out at the AGM while the social committees could take a bit longer. The new logo is shown at right.



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