Well, as I write this, it’s the Monday after the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede and the city is shockingly back to normal. There were many excellent industry functions during this year’s Stampede and hopefully many of you were able to participate. By the time you read this article, it will be early to mid-September and the summer will be over. With any luck we will be having another great September. More often than not, this is the best month for outdoor activities.

Doodletrain Update (By Doug Uffen)

The 2012 CSEG DoodleTrain is scheduled for November 12th -16th this year, which is the week immediately following the SEG Convention. This year, the DoodleTrain committee moved up the deadline for Early Bird registration to June 30th in order to alleviate the October time crunch. The committee is proud to report that Early Bird Registration has already surpassed overall registration for 2011 and the numbers are still climbing. At the time of writing this article, three (3) courses are already sold out and others were nearing attendance thresholds induced by the size of the donated venue space. The 2012 DoodleTrain is offering twelve (12) new courses this year, in addition to twelve (12) more that were brought back by popular demand. DoodleTrain 2012 features a new step as a webinar will be offered for the very first time. Fred Hilterman will be the keynote luncheon speaker. DoodleTrain 2012 is shaping up to be a premiere event once again this season. All those interested are invited to register and hop on board the DoodleTrain. Registration closes September 30th, 2012.

2013 Convention Update (By Shauna Carson)

I have a very short Convention update: All key positions have been filled, many by returning committee members, which gives a nice headstart to the planning. Speaking of which, the Technical Committee has already started meeting, and last week sat down with our web developer to go over the abstract submission website. We have mapped out the timeline for the technical program and hope to move abstract submission up so that we may reach our goal of having a fullypopulated technical program online in time for registration opening in mid-March. To that end, abstract submissions will open in early November. Ads pertaining to this will appear in the September and October issues of all society magazines as well as in emails to 2012 delegates. Other than that, the summer will be spent developing the website, looking into the development of an app for the convention and getting quotes on different registration systems, just to ensure we are working with the best team.

Just let me know if you are looking for information on anything else – most everyone seems to be away for August so things should really start going in September!

September Technical Luncheon

The next technical luncheon after our summer break will be Wednesday September 12, and Kurt Wikel will be presenting an extended version of his GeoConvention oral presentation entitled “4D study of secondary recovery utilizing THAI® from a Saskatchewan heavy oil reservoir”.

Also at the September luncheon, we will be recognizing members of the CSEG who have been active members for at least 10 years. We will recognizing individuals as follows:

Years of Service Awards will be presented at the September Technical Luncheon.

  • 10 year members – framed certificate – 126
  • 20 year members – framed certificate – 90
  • 30 year members – plaque + letter – 94
  • 40 year members – desk clock +letter – 22
  • 50 year members – pen set + letter – 3
  • 60 year members – watch + letter – 3
  • 40, 50, 60 year members will receive a formal invitation to the September luncheon.
  • 50, 60 year members will be asked to bring a guest if they choose.
  • We will have 2 poster boards with all 10-60 year member names listed, to be displayed in lobby before lunch.

And finally just a reminder that one of the longest standing and most popular events, the CSEG Doodlebug Golf Tournament takes place on August 23-25, 2012.

So enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to seeing all of you in the fall.



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