Trivia Question: What do the CSEG Doodlebug Golf Tournament, Playboy magazine, Chevy Corvettes, Saran Wrap, the Pembina Pool and Elvis Presley all have in common?

I promised this month I would delve into the CSEG’s annual social events and in doing so, I discovered some fascinating tidbits. Our society is so rich in culture and history that once I started digging, I was drawn head first into the details of our past. Much of the information I have included in this column was garnered from the CSEG website in various nooks and crannies and in many cases cut and paste directly from stories and historical recounting. Take a look!

Doodlebug (1953)

The answer to my trivial question: The CSEG Doodlebug Golf Tournament, Playboy magazine, Chevy Corvettes, Saran Wrap, the Pembina Pool and Elvis Presley all had their start in 1953.

The Doodlebug, our oldest social event, was started in 1953 and until 1999, was held at the picturesque Banff Springs Golf Course. Since then, the tournament moved to Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course and back and forth between Banff and Jasper and one event at the Kananaskis Golf Course in 2005, always in August or September. For the last 2 years, the Doodlebug has been held at the Kimberly Alpine Resort where it is set for 2012.

Providing golfers and guests from service companies and oil and gas companies alike with a rich combination of networking and competition, the Doodlebug also boasts the traditional Chairman’s charity fundraiser whereby the Chairman chooses a compassionate local charity as the recipient of the funds raised by the tournament. Committees are continually experimenting with novel ways of raising funds that are fun, yet don't detract from tournament play.

A principle objective of the Doodlebug Golf Tournament is to provide a competitive yet fun golf venue for CSEG members golfing ability. While encouraging fellowship and co-operation, the tournament builds stronger business and personal relationships along the way. Not limited to just golf, each year's committee ensures that participants and their guests enjoy a full schedule of formal and informal social events. The entire weekend is a perfect balance of golf, social events and camaraderie. It really exemplifies the wonderful people and spirit of the Canadian seismic industry. The guest tournament, catering to the spouses and guests of Doodlebuggers, has evolved into a fully-fledged tournament of its own. It has featured a best ball team play format for some time now, and is well known for the fun, prizes and socializing enjoyed by the participants.

The “Ted Rozsa Award” is presented to individuals who have actively participated in the annual Doodlebug Golf Tournament for at least 25 years. Initiated in 1991, the award is named after, and is presented in honour of Mr. Ted Rozsa. Mr. Rozsa has actively supported the tournament through committee work, including financial sponsorship. Ted was the second Chairman on record and played in the Doodlebug for 43 straight years up to and including 1995.

Ski Spree (1967)

On April 28, 1966 the CSEG Ladies Auxiliary held its inaugural meeting The executive’s purpose according to the constitution, was "to advance the cause of the CSEG.” Of course, the Ladies Auxiliary was successful from day one. Less than one year after its’ inaugural meeting, membership reached 172. Within the first two years, the auxiliary had produced its first yearbook and started distributing the monthly newsletter, the "Ladybug Chatter”. Although first established primarily to assist the CSEG, the auxiliary had become an active group in its own right.

In Canada’s Centennial Year 1967, the inaugural CSEG Ski Spree was held in Banff at Sunshine Village in March. Originally organized by the CSEG Ladies Auxiliary, a few Doodlebuggers and their spouses (although at that time I believe they were all collectively branded Doodlebuggers) met for some family fun on the slopes. What started as a small and relatively informal outing soon turned into an event that exceeded Sunshine Village’s capabilities and the Ski Spree moved to Fairmont Hot Springs in 1972 where it still resides.

The CSEG Ski Spree currently boasts 380 participants (including spouses and kids), capped at this number for the last 8 or 9 years or so with a waiting list. This is the premier CSEG event for families – all are welcome for some fun races and family skiing.

Doodlespiel (1973)

“After several years of discussion, positive steps were taken to hold an annual (we hope) curling event for the C.S.E.G. Three eminent bonspielers from the C.S.E.G. were designated to take on the task of organizing the first ‘spiel; namely, Joe Prendergast {lead}, Ben Berg {non~curler} and Ed Rutledge {non-curler}.” From the RECORDER archives of the first CSEG Doodlespiel, 1973.

And so the first annual CSEG Doodlespiel was born. Today, the Doodlespiel is the envy of the Calgary curling bonspiel scene, with an over-abundance of willing curlers – expert and neophytes alike – to partake in a week-end of camaraderie and curling “madness”. This year marks the 40th Annual CSEG Doodlespiel and this year will see it return to Banff after a few years in Lethbridge.

Without much doubt, the Doodlespiel has seen its share of “color” over the years. At one time the ‘spiel was a male dominated event, with only a few brave wives attending on the periphery. Now the Doodlespiel has shed the ways of the “old boys” and boasts a collection of men and women curlers and guests from service companies and resource companies alike. The Doodlespiel remains one of the premier networking events of the society.

The bonspiel committee is comprised of rotating volunteers who provide organizational continuance from year to year while still infusing new ideas and excitement. This committee framework has stood the test of time and has resulted in one of the best bonspiels Calgary has to offer.

One of the great attractions of the Doodlespiel is that curlers of all skill levels can participate. There are competitive teams as well as teams who just enjoy the festivities and many teams in between. I encourage everyone, curler or not, to join a team in the Doodlespiel. You won’t be disappointed!

Road Race (1989)

2011 will mark the 23rd Annual CSPG/CSEG/CAPL Road Race & Run Fun. The race was initiated in 1989 by our sister society, the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. The CSEG joined forces in 1990 and in 2004, the landmen association CAPL joined the fun. In 2008 5 km was added to the race length and it has consistently been gaining in popularity ever since. In 2010, 119 people ran 10km, 51 people ran 5km (capped at 200 because of pathway traffic). The oldest participant was 79 years old prompting another age category (60+) to be added for the 2011 race. There have been various after-party venues including Quincy’s on 7th and more recently, The Calgary Curling Club, where runners and winners are celebrated with many industry sponsored awards and door prizes.

One of the organizers, Vic Urban, summarizes the race history as follows:

“The first race was held in Fish Creek Park in September 1989 on the first weekend after Labour Day. There were 62 runners in the race and Adidas was the main sponsor to the tune of $6000, so everyone won a pair of running shoes. Apparently the weather was miserable for the first two years so the date was changed to the weekend after Stampede. The numbers got as high as 135 runners, but by the mid nineties with people having children the race attendance dropped to as low as 35.”

Many course adjustments were made over the years, and the timing of the race changed to accommodate changing demands. “Many people have been on the race committee and the support from the oil and gas industry has been outstanding. The post race ceremony evolved from hotdogs and a keg of beer at Fish Creek to coffee, fruit and muffins, to pizza and beer. It is recognized as one of the race events in Calgary and everyone involved with it has nothing but fond memories of good times.”

T- Wave Golf Tournament (2009)

This relative newcomer to the CSEG social event offering started in 2009 with 112 golfers. The following year, a full roster of 144 golfers and a waiting list demonstrated that this event had the support of the CSEG golfing community. Last year the third annual tournament maxed out at 144 golfers, with people choosing their own foursomes and those entering solo were matched up with others. Prizes are exceptional, and the top 20 teams (out of 36) win prizes!

The tournament was designed to offer golfers the opportunity of networking with their peers from both the service side and resource company side in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. By holding the tournament locally at the Inglewood Golf Course over a single day, the best-ball format T-Wave has proven to be very accessible to golfers and non-golfers alike.

And other news...

The CSEG Executive Committee is currently looking for volunteers to serve on the various positions within the Executive Committee for a minimum of a two-year commitment. If you are interested in this opportunity and you have experience with the CSEG in any of our other committees or subcommittees and would like to find out more, please contact myself or another committee member for more information.



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