As I mentioned last month, the CSEG Elections will take place in December and nominations close soon. All the Assistant Director positions and the Vice President’s role are up for grabs. If you have a desire to improve the image or the technical or social lives of Canada’s geophysicists, running for a position on the CSEG Executive is great idea. The CSEG needs you to get involved. The nomination process is simple; submit a nomination form signed by five CSEG members. Please call me if you want to talk about the Election or the duties of the Executive. Submit your nomination form by mid to late October in order for your nomination to be published in the November issue of the RECORDER.

CSEG Monthly Luncheons: No change to Luncheon Ticket Prices

Send your Kudo’s and gratitude to the CSEG Education Directors (John Fernando and Mike Perz). Thanks to them, and more importantly thanks to our new luncheon sponsors, ticket prices will not increase this fall. It might surprise you to learn this, but for a number of months, the CSEG luncheon tickets have been selling for less than cost. Given the uncertain state of oil and gas prices, the society has been very reluctant to increase luncheon ticket prices. Thanks to John and Mike (and Jim Racette), starting this fall the CSEG is offering special recognition to one sponsoring company at each luncheon. You will notice the name of the company sponsor featured prominently and displayed with pride during the luncheon.

The CSEG Education Directors have taken this step in order to keep ticket prices from increasing. Sponsoring luncheons is a brand new concept for the CSEG. Historically, the CSEG has only allowed very modest advertising/sponsorship at the monthly luncheon and we trust that you will support this new initiative. Please let us know your thoughts on how we are doing with respect to luncheon ticket prices.



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