My first month as CSEG President has been interesting and a little busier than expected. Outside of the monthly meeting I’ve attended a CSEG Website committee meeting, a CSEG Foundation Meeting, and have had discussions with Jon Downton, Larry Herd and Laurie Ross. We are talking about our partnership with the CSPG so Jon and I have met with John Varsek and Graeme Bloy of the CSPG a few times, to talk about how to operate the joint annual convention.

I expect that the GeoCanada 2010 Convention will have passed by the time you read this article, so please share your thoughts on your 2010 Convention experience with me. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on our annual convention. Did you enjoy the opportunities to meet with your peers? Did you meet a few new people or see any long lost friends? Have you learned what you wanted to learn from the technical presentations? Were you impressed with the latest technologies in the exhibit hall?

Some of the societies involved in the 2010 convention have invited Larry Herd and me to attend their meetings in Calgary during the convention. Larry and I will learn about the activities and concerns of Earth Scientists from across Canada and from disciplines outside the oil and gas business. You can expect more on these topics in future columns.

Outside of the GeoCanada 2010 Convention (May 10-14), there are a lot of CSEG activities planned for this spring. I hope to see you at some of them. At the end of April I’ll attend both the monthly luncheon and the SEG’s DISC course. Unfortunately, I missed the April brown bag lunch and I’m not as up to date on curvelets as I’d like to be. I’ll make this up by attending the May edition of the brown bag lunch. Just before the end of spring, I’ll take a day off work to attend the T-Wave golf tourney at the Inglewood Golf Course. We live in Dover, just up the hill from the golf course, and we will probably finish off the evening of June 14th on my deck with a few fellow CSEG members.

This months’ photo is from a spring walk in Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park. It is a pleasant and scenic 3km walk. My first time in the canyon left me wanting to do it again, but next time with a Geologist friend for company and elucidation. In the spring, ice crampons or studded shoe treads are essential as the paths are ice covered and without them you should wait for the ice to melt.

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Lots of sunshine and longer days! It’s my favorite time of year. Next time we meet I hope you notice my skin is a little darker and I’m a little fitter. I am looking forward meeting you at the CSEG events this spring.

Courtesy of Bernadette Nowak.



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