Vote! Vote! Vote!

Make sure you vote this coming month. The election of new executive members (Vice President and Assistant Directors) closes January 15: you can vote by mail, fax, or online. Information is included in the December RECORDER and in an email sent to each member. If you have not received an email with the voting information (link and login information), contact the CSEG office with your current email address.


The CSEG functions only because of all the volunteers that make things happen year around. Here are a few reasons to consider volunteering for the CSEG:

  • We appreciate what the CSEG has been providing us over the years and we want to give back.
  • We have an idea on a new project fitting within the mandate of the CSEG, and would like to implement it.
  • We are technically inclined and well connected and can help implement outstanding programmes.
  • We are new and want to meet people.

Every year, over 100 volunteers make things happen within the CSEG, for you and me. Our two full time staff work closely with and support many committees. If you have not volunteered for the CSEG, or have in the past but not lately, and are inclined to do so: no committee would turn down a new volunteer, give it a try! Thank you to all our volunteers: past, present, and upcoming!


Our sponsors contribute significantly to the success of the CSEG and all events. There are the direct sponsors advertized as part of a particular event, there are our advertisers in the RECORDER, there are our corporate members, and not to be forgotten, there are our indirect sponsors (our employers) who allow many of us to spend some of our working hours on CSEG functions. Thank you to all our sponsors!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. We will be in touch again in the New Year, and will talk about CSEG Bylaws and dues.



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