Executive Positions Open!

One of the most arduous duties of the President of the CSEG is to chair the nominations committee and make sure that candidates are in place for the various positions of the executive for the election: this information I hold from past presidents. I am about to find out how true it is!

The Bylaws state:

“Section 2 – Election of Officers
All Officers of the society shall be elected annually from among the Active or Honorary Members of the Society in good standing, by means of a secret ballot in the following manner:

There shall be a Committee on Nominations consisting of the President who shall be Chairman, and the two most recent available Past-Presidents. The Committee shall nominate one or more candidates from among the Active or Honorary Members of the Society in good standing, for each office or post to be filled, having first secured the consent of all candidates nominated.

The report of the Committee on Nominations shall be mailed to each member in order that additional nominations may be solicited before the closing date for nominations. Such additional nominations shall have the consent of the candidates nominated, shall be signed by at least five members of the Society, and shall be submitted to the Director of Communications. Nominations shall be closed on the 1st day of November prior to the Annual Meeting.”

The full Bylaws can we viewed at: http://www.cseg.ca/

The nominations committee is chaired by the president, assisted by two of the past presidents, in this case Doug Bogstie and Oliver Kuhn the most two recent past presidents.


October 2008: Nominations open
November 1, 2008: Nominations closed
December 15, 2008 through January 15, 2009: Elections (online)
March 2009: Elected officers take functions.

The list of duties of each officer is given in the bylaws, and also outlined in an organizational chart available at: http://cseg.ca/members/cseg-executive

Let’s review what it entails to be on the executive; the following list gives an overview of the function of each executive member.


  • Presides at executive meetings
  • Chairs technical luncheons
  • Handles communications with other societies
  • Participates in CSEG Foundation meetings

Vice President

  • Acts as President in the absence of the President
  • Coordinates with the Chief Geophysicists Forum
  • Communicates with the convention committee
  • Takes on the role of President the following year


  • Annual budget
  • Monthly financial review
  • Annual audit


  • Web site
  • Recorder

Educational Services

  • Technical luncheons
  • Continuing education (including DoodleTrain)
  • Outreach

Member Services

  • Memberships: individual & corporate
  • Social events: DoodleBug, DoodleSpiel, Ski Spree
  • Annual volunteer recognition

Past President

  • Awards
  • Personnel
  • Past presidents luncheon

You want to have a say in what the CSEG does (or does not do)? You want to be part of a team that helps direct the future of our society? There is no better way than to join in! If you are interested there are two ways to get nominated:

  • Contact one of the nomination committee members (François Aubin, Doug Bogstie, Oliver Kuhn), or
  • Follow the procedures outlined in the bylaws: get five signatures of CSEG members supporting your nomination, drop it off at the CSEG office and you are in! Join the fun, the excitement, and the responsibilities of directing our society in the coming years.



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