On April 22 the new executive held its first monthly meeting. Again this year, we have a strong team that will work well together. Do not hesitate to contact any of us with your suggestions or concerns.

Role of Directors

Each director has a portfolio to oversee. The newly elected members of the executive are therefore getting acquainted with their respective role. An organizational chart is available on the web site for your perusal if you are wondering who to contact on a given issue. http://cseg.ca/members/cseg-executive

The Bylaws also offer an overview of the role of each director: http://cseg.ca/members/cseg-bylaws

CSEG Annual Budget

All new members are getting acquainted with the CSEG annual budget that was prepared under the previous executive team. It is noted that the budget is based on a calendar year, while the terms of office for the executive go from March to March. Therefore the current budget was prepared in late 2007 and early 2008 and was already in place when the new assistant directors’ terms came into effect. As the executive members serve one year as assistant director prior to becoming director, the current directors were involved in the budget process. Later this year when we start the budgeting process, the current assistant directors will be involved in preparing the budget for the coming year when they will be director of their respective portfolio.


In the coming year, we are planning to start the process of reviewing the bylaws. The last review of the bylaws was done in 2003, and after five years it might be time to review all aspects of our current bylaws and update as appropriate. Should you have an interest in participating in a small committee to review the bylaws, contact me! The current ones can be viewed at: http://cseg.ca/members/cseg-bylaws

Web Site

In 2007, a decision was made to upgrade our membership database to offer online services to all CSEG members. It was a long overdue improvement. At the same time as we were implementing this membership database in January 2008, it became necessary to upgrade our server. At present, the server is hosted out-of-house. Options will be reviewed in the coming year for implementation by year-end. This is a transparent process to the members.

A not-so-transparent process is the new CSEG web site. Thanks to a small group of volunteers, our web site was upgraded last year; it now has a new look with much improved functionality. Have you visited it lately? http://cseg.ca. We look forward to offering all CSEG members improved online services as the year goes on.



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