Dear CSEG RECORDER Editor (and CSEG Colleagues of Tom Podivinsky)

I wish to follow-up on an interview that you published about my husband, Tom Podivinsky. (Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open... Keep Updating Your Skills; CSEG RECORDER, January, 2014)

Mere weeks after this lengthy interview was published, Tom died in a ski accident while on vacation with his family, our two children and myself. I only recently had the composure to closely read the interview. As I read it, several ironies or perhaps even foreshadowing became apparent. I would like to share these with your readers.

Firstly Tom stated, “We are really looking forward to the Sochi Olympics as Edi (Tom’s brother) is still the last male Canadian to medal in Alpine, at Lillehammer in 1994, and we are pretty well connected to the current men’s team. If he gets knocked off his pedestal it will be bittersweet.” On February 16, 2014 in Sochi Russia, Jan Hudec won a bronze medal for Canada in the Super-G; he knocked Edi off his pedestal.

Later that same day Tom died. Odd that Tom would reference the day that he would die.

Later in the article, Tom said, “I spent part of one summer mapping outcrop in the foothills while supervising a heliportable seismic crew near Coleman, although my family is sick of hearing about it every time we drive through Fernie.”

We drove through Coleman and Fernie days before he died.

We would give anything to hear that story again.

Although a technical article, the topic of death came up a few times in the interview; James Dobson, Bob Won, Rob Shugg were all mentioned. In fact, Tom reminded your readers that Bob’s ashes are buried in Jasper under a tree.

Tom’s ashes are buried under a tree in Canmore.

The final irony that I’d like to address is Tom’s response to a question about requirements for effective exploration and development. In response he says, “…You have to be strong enough and you have to have staying power and be prepared to learn from that, have a Plan B and be prepared to react.”

Well, the kids and I have been reacting.

We have learned to be strong and to have staying power.

We have stayed involved in skiing, we have stayed in our house, we have stayed in Calgary, the kids have stayed at their schools.

We stay in touch with many in Tom’s geophysical world.

We have reacted and adjusted to Tom’s death; we are reluctantly implementing Plan B.

Thank you for publishing a timely yet heartbreaking interview with Tom.

Mary Beth Wilson, Gabriel and Ella Podivinsky


Dear Mary Beth,

Tom was a well-respected member of our society, known to many of us personally, full of life, energy and motivation. The news of his passing away in the ski accident was sudden and most unexpected. Tom’s interview was widely read and I know he serves as an inspiration for many members and readers. Your letter adds additional insight and reawakens our own memories of Tom.

Penny Colton



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