Dear Editors,

Recently, I was talking with the SEG editor about updating their website reference index. I had noticed that a paper of mine that was published in the 1994 CJEG Journal was there, but not one from the 1996 CJEG Journal. They assured me that this oversight would be taken care of in the next monthly update.

With your recent improvements in quality and increase in technical content, I strongly feel that RECORDER articles should also be placed in the SEG index. The Leading Edge can be found in this index, along with the First Break, and some lower profile publications. Surely the RECORDER deserves to be there too? Many of your recent articles are certainly very important, and I can think of several key articles published in the RECORDER over the last 20 years. I applaud you for your continuing efforts to promote the excellent work being done in our local research community. Keep it up!

One other small suggestion – could we see authors’ names on the cover and/or the list of contents?

Mark Ng,
Geo-X Systems Ltd.

Editors’ Response

Mark, your suggestion is very good and we have included the names of authors along with the title of their papers, in the list of contents. We have avoided doing this on the cover as it would give it a cramped look.

– Editors



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