Dove Geophysical Purchases Sun Sparc 10 and SeisX Software

Dove Geophysical Consulting Ltd. announces the purchase of a Sun Sparc 10 Workstation equipped with a Photon Systems Ltd. SeisX 3D and 2D seismic interpretation package and the development of computer mapping software. These systems will add to their current Professional Geophysical Consulting, 3D Planning and Stratigraphic Modelling services.

Please call Charles Dove or Len Sondergaard at (403) 266-3885 to schedule a demonstration or project work.

GEDCO Announces Personnel Changes

Geophysical Exploration & Development Corporation (GEDCO) of Calgary announces several changes to their staff.

Greg Davidson has joined GEDCO as a Professional Geophysicist. Greg brings over 12 years of interpretation experience in Western Canada and in the Canadian Frontiers.

Rupert R.F.G.H. Goodhart has joined GEDCO as an Associate Geophysicist. Rupert has over 25 years of geophysical experience, primarily in the areas of seismic source design, field supervision and explosives design. Rupert is designing 3D seismic surveys, particularly using GEDCO's Flexi-Bin design technology, coordinating field operations and supervising processing for our clients.

Tom F. Collins has resigned from GEDCO to pursue his own exploration-related interests. GEDCO would like to publicly acknowledge the major contribution which Tom has made to our growth over the past year and to wish him well in his new ventures.

Industry News

Simon Wins Major Contract From Shell for Tigress

Simon Petroleum Technology (SPT) has signed a multi-million dollar contract with Shell International Petroleum Maatschappij BV (SIPM) on behalf of Shell Group world-wide. The contract establishes a global licence. maintenance and support agreement with Shell for Tigress (The Integrated Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering Software System) as a Shell Group Common System. The scope of the agreement provides for the supply of project database and application technology.

Tigress is an innovative software solution for multi-disciplinary teams who want to forecast and plan the optimum development of a reservoir from early appraisal through to maturity. There are three main components of the software: (1) the project database system which incorporates a broad based data model for principal data types in exploration and production studies (this is implemented in Sybase and Oracle RDBMS systems), (2) fully integrated geoscience and reservoir engineering applications based on the project database technology, allowing users to build a consistent and detailed subsurface model, and (3) for loading, scanning and digitising source data for plotting and reporting results.

New Integrated Petroleum Data Processing Center Opens in Moscow

(Paris, France) November 30, 1993 - A new integrated petroleum data processing center officially opened today at the Central Geophysical Expedition (CGE) location in Moscow. The center is a collective property of the Oil Production Associations in Russia and is a result of cooperative efforts between CGE, Geco-Prakla, GeoQuest, IBM and Intera. The installed hardware and software represents the largest delivery of computer systems approved by COCOM for delivery to Eastern Europe.

The new center will emphasize data processing and interpretation of geological, geophysical, well logging and reservoir data, the computer platforms will be an IBM ES/9121-320 vector supercomputer, a cluster of IBM RISC/6000 processors, sixteen (16) RS/6000 power workstations and forty (40) graphic workstations.

For additional information, contact Olivier Peyret, Marketing Manager, Schlumberger Geco-Prakla, Buckingham Gate, Gatwick Airport, Gatwick, West Sussex, RH6 ONZ, UK, (44) 293 55 66 55


Magne Sveen, Manager Europe, Schlumberger GeoQuest, Bjergstedvein 1, 4001 Stavanger, Norway, (47) 51 50 6515.



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