Happy February… I am anticipating that this edition of the RECORDER will hit your desks right around the time I am hitting the beach in Kailua. Just saying… aloha!

I just wanted to do a quick promo for our two CSEG publications… and a quick appeal for paper submissions. “Send in your papers… please and thank you!” The CJEG is looking for technical papers to be peer reviewed – they already have one, and are looking for 5-6 more for their inaugural edition. The RECORDER editing team is also actively soliciting papers for our upcoming issues. You can find the themes located on the back pages of the magazine, under “What’s Coming in Future Issues of the RECORDER…”. Please contact Larry Lines for the CJEG at lrlines@ucalgary.ca and/or Satinder (or any of our Associate Editors) for the RECORDER articles at schopra@arcis.com.


DIVESTCO – Moving to New Office Space

From January – July 2011 all of Divestco’s segments and subsidiaries will be moving into one office. Our new address will be: 700, 520 – 3rd Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 0R3. Our main telephone numbers and all e-mail addresses will remain the same.

Move Announcements:

Divestco Geomatics – Effective January 28, 2011, Divestco’s Geomatics division will be the first to move to our new office space.

Divestco Processing – Scheduled to move February 4, 2011.

Divestco Brokerage – Scheduled to move March 11, 2011.

Divestco Finance – Scheduled to move March 11, 2011.

If you have any questions about the move or updates, please call Tova Stewart in the Marketing Department at 403.218.6464 or send an email to tova.stewart@divestco.com. For more information on division moves and schedule visit us online. www.divestco.com/announcements/move

Divestco is an exploration services company dedicated to providing a focused offering of data, software and services to the oil and gas industry. Through our continued commitment to innovative products and services, Divestco is creating an unparalleled set of solutions and unique benefits for the marketplace.

Silent Auction at the 2011 Joint Annual Convention

recovery 2011 will pave the way for economic, environmental and energy recovery in Western Canada. Over 100 exhibiting companies and 3,000 conference attendees will convene at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre from May 9 – 13, 2011 to view new technologies, explore new business opportunities and learn from industry experts. recovery 2011 is the ultimate opportunity to gain insight into your profession, share experiences with others and gain knowledge from industry experts.

The Silent Auction at recovery 2011 provides an excellent opportunity for you to increase your company’s visibility at the geoscience convention while contributing to the success of a world-recognized Calgary based nonprofit organization.

This year we are once again proud to support Light Up The World (LUTW) with the proceeds of the auction. LUTW is an international development organization dedicated to providing renewable energy and innovative lighting solutions to communities in need in the developing world.

We would like to thank Laurie Ross (2 autographed Flames Jerseys) and Dave Goulding (Foo King gift basket) for kickstarting our donation-drive for 2011.

For those who wish to either donate items or to volunteer please contact Craig Van Dongen from Geotir: 403-818-8873 or craig@geotir.com.

Earth Science for Society is BACK!

Exciting News! Earth Science for Society (ESfS) was such a success last year that it is running it again in 2011.

Mark your calendars for Sunday afternoon May 8, Monday May 9, and Tuesday May 10, 2011 to join us at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. This year’s interactive, geoscience themed pavilions are: Resources and You, Energy for Us, One Dynamic Earth and Our Future!

The ESfS exhibition is an outreach program of the geoscience convention recovery 2011.



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